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The Week Video News October 19-26, 2014

Turkey Carries Out Seismic Exploration Threat in Cyprus Waters

cyprus oil gas

Turkey has carried out its threat and sent a seismic research ship, along with two support ships, into the gas field being explored by Italian energy giant ENI, in partnership with Korean company KOGAS, said Defence Minister Christoforos Fokaides.

Full Text of President Nicos Anastasiades' Letter to UN Secretary General over Turkey's Threats

Transcript of President Nicos Anastasiades' letter to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon about Turkey's aggression in Cyprus seas.

"I felt the need to communicate in writing with you, so soon after our last meeting in New York, in order to bring to your attention some recent developments that are not compatible with the smooth continuation of the talks on the Cyprus problem. They have the potential to destroy the efforts of creating a good and positive environment and to actually derail the whole negotiating process.

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Thought for Today - Be The Best You Can Be

You can't motivate people when you are sad, angry or frustrated. You can't make them enthusiastic or follow you in what you want to do as long as you don't show them how it inspires you through your bright and powerful approach.

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Psychology for good parenting and Dim Sum making - a productive weekend

mary's dim sum

This weekend saw two events at Mary’s - very different and both very enjoyable. On Friday I had the honor of welcoming several members of the very active group ‘Mums in Cyprus’ with an equally active and  informative website - always featuring many activities for mums and kids. We had organized events together before and this time I had suggested a guest speaker with a relevant topic - coach and innate health practitioner Tatev Petrosyan speaking on the psychology of good parenting.

Do You Know Someone With A Thyroid Problem? Heavy Metals In the Water Supply - Opinion

Anectdotal evidence is growing that thyroid health problems are increasing in Cyprus, I myself know of six people who have developed thyroid problems in Nicosia and Limassol, how many do you know of?

Ebola Explained - FAQ by European Commission

ebola cyprus
The current Ebola outbreak affecting the West Africa region is the worst such outbreak on record. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared it a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, calling for a coordinated international response. As of 10 October, there have been more than 8399 reported cases, including 4033 deaths from the disease (Source: WHO).

Pafos Mayor Savvas Vergas Arrested on Witness Intimidation Allegations

Pafos Mayor Savvas Vergas has been arrested on allegations he was involved in sending threats to witnesses in the land corruption trial against Theodoros Aristodemou, the owner of Aristo Developers.

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