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Moment of Truth for Greece's Bailout and EU Relations - Schult Meets with Tsipras

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Greece's political and economic relations with the EU are on the point of being redefined, as President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz travels to Greece to meet newly-elected Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, whose cabinet has already ruffled feathers after halting privatisation of the electricity authority and Piraeus ports authority.

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French food, Russian tales and classical music

yiannis georgiouSaturday’s French dinner with British-Cypriot pianist Yiannis Georgiou was one of those events that got booked early on. It is quite a rare treat to meet a professional classical musician, especially over dinner in the cosy setting of a private home and it seems a home cooked French meal is certainly a plus too. 

In fact Yiannis had requested to keep his talk informal, as a ‘regular conversation’ with him answering the guests’ questions. A format we had used during a similar event with him two years ago. Then too we had French food and were preparing to join Yiannis a week later at the Rialto Theatre for his piano recital. 
I had bravely accepted 14 guests, the maximum I feel comfortable with for a full 3-course meal. Several of them were first time visitors at Mary’s, several of them guests I had not seen in a while. The welcome drinks took longer than expected as I just could not get them to stop talking/sit down, so involved were they in meeting, re-meeting, introducing... a fantastic atmosphere from the very start.
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Thought for Today - Think Differently About Your Circumstances

Your circumstances are not an excuse for how you feel as it's you labeling them good or bad. The only one who controls your mind is you and all change about what happens in your world takes place there. Thinking different about your circumstances, simply taking responsibility for how you feel and act, not following your first thought but knowing that you have the control to choose how you feel, makes you the master of your mind and the leader over your own world.

Two weeks on…. The CHF continues to weaken - Analyst

eurusdWritten by Jameel Ahmad, Chief Market Analyst at FXTM.

A fortnight after the complete shock from the Swiss National Bank (SNB) decision to discontinue its minimum exchange to the Euro, and following an initial rally, the CHF has continued to weaken. The USDCHF approached 0.9250 yesterday, which represents a recovery of over 20% after the pair suffered an instant 30% decline.

As unexpected as it was, the decision from the SNB has inspired a realization that the longer-term forecasts for the Euro were bearish and what had already become losses to its balance sheet were going to become liabilities that were not likely to be recoverable. The SNB was also preparing for the eventuality that safe-haven flows will return to Switzerland at some point, and this will likely be when oil-reliant nations realise how adversely impacted its economies are going to be following the no holds barred plunge in the price of oil.

EU Eases Pressure on Russia over Ukraine

russia sanctions greece nikos kotziasEU foreign ministers eased the pressure on Russia by deciding to delay a new round of sanctions in the face of Greece and Cyprus' opposition - but extended the current round of sanctions.

"Greece is working to restore peace and stability in Ukraine and, in parallel, to avoid a rupture between the EU and Russia, "said Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias.

Caution from Martin Schulz During Greece Visit - Confidence from Alexis Tsipras

President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz appeared unconvinced during a joint press conference after his meeting with new Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, saying that many points under their open, constructive discussion had been agreed upon, but there were other points that needed further discussion.

Flu Virus Kills One, Two Serious Cases, Rises By 41% - Health Ministry

The incidents of influenza virus has risen by 41% since the end of December, and one patient - who had a number of other health problems - has died of the disease, said the Health Ministry.

Limassol Port Privatisation Going Well - Minister

limassol ports privatisation marios demetriadesPlans for privatisation of the Limassol Ports Authority are going well, said Transport Minister Marios Demetriades, who most-recently oversaw the closure of Cyprus Airways following the European Commission's decision that the state-owned company would have to return millions of euros in state aid.

The minister has had a meeting with the Troika about the privatisation, he said.

Privatisation of state-owned companies was a condition of the 10-billion-euro bailout from the Troika, but more importantly, has become a necessity given the economic recession, lower tax revenues from economic activity, and the high cost of running such companies.

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