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Nicosia Water Cuts Enter Fourth Day

Nicosia water cut

Thousands of Nicosia residents are living without water for the fourth day after a serious fault with the city's central pump. Offices, hotels and households have been hit with water shortages and the director of the water department Nikos Zampakides said he will resign if it is proved that his department is responsible for the problem, and that the replacement for the damaged valve has been ordered. 

President Anastasiades Speech Marking Medz Yegham in Yerevan

armenian genocide speech anastasiadesSpeech by the President of the Republic at a ceremony to mark the centennial commemoration of the Medz Yeghem, in Yerevan

Dear President Sargsyan, Excellencies, Dear Friends,

I am truly honored to be here today, among world leaders, leading figures of the Armenian Diaspora and the Armenian people, to mark the centennial commemoration of the Medz Yeghem.

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Thought for Today - Do You Want To Do What You Are Doing Right Now?

Today be aware if your work and actions are carrying your passion, are they holding your love and attention. Do you want to do what you are doing right now? All is energy and your thoughts about what and how you do it are reflected in the end results of what you do and make.

Moderate Mustafa Akinci Wins Elections in Turkish-Cypriot Community

mehmet akinci wins electionsNew Turkish-Cypriot leader and moderate Mustafa Akinci has won 60.38 percent of the vote in the Turkish-Cypriot community, beating incumbent Derviş Eroğlu's 39.62 percent by a wide margin.

The rate of participation in the election was 64.1 percent.

Akinci's election has shown the Turkish-Cypriot community's sentiment for a reunification agreement with the Greek Cypriots, and talks are set to restart with President Nicos Anastasiades shortly. UN envoy Espen Barth Eide plans to return to Cyprus between May 4th and 8th to organise the new start to the reunification talks.

EU Mobilises Emergency Aid to Nepal After Devastating Earthquake

nepal earthquakeEU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides said that he has mobilised all the European Commission's emergency response resources to send aid to Nepal after a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

"The European Union is there to help when disaster strikes, no matter where. European experts in humanitarian aid and civil protection who are on the ground in Nepal, assessing the needs and coordinating with our international partners," said Stylianides.

Deputy Attorney-general Cries Foul Over Lawyer Appointed To Try Corruption Charges

erotokritouDeputy Attorney-General Rikkos Erotokritou has cried foul over a private-sector lawyer appointed by Attorney-General Costas Clerides in a corruption case against him, saying that the wife of lawyer Elias Stefanou used to work as a police officer and could result in his testimony being compromised.

The astonishing public conflict between the attorney-general and deputy attorney-general has resulted in both sides sending messages to the media via the state's Press and Information Office.

EU Cracks Down on Human Traffickers After Hundreds of Migrants Drown

migrant deaths libyaThe European Commission is cracking down on human traffickers after the horrific drowning deaths of 700 migrants whose boat capsized off the coast of Libya, saying there will be a systematic effort to capture and destroy vessels used by smugglers. President Nicos Anastasiades is due to travel to Brussels on Thursday to attend an emergency meeting of the European Council that was called by its president Donald Tusk.

Greece Assists Cyprus Authorities in Vgenopoulos Investigation

vgenopoulos cyprusGreek and Cyprus authorities are working together in an investigation centring on former Laiki Bank chief Andreas Vgenopoulos.

The findings of a police investigation into the 2013 financial crash in Cyprus have been given to Attorney-general Costas Clerides and charges are expected to be lodged against former top officials in the ex-Laiki bank, which sucked up nine billion euros of the ECB's Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA) before going bankrupt.

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