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'The Week' Video News July 27th - August 3rd, 2014

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Huge, Multinational Concert for Peace - Curium Amphitheatre

cyprus peace concert

The Hadjiloizou Benevolent Foundation for the Arts Culture & Peace and the Cyprus Academy of Music present the monumental Cyprus Peace Concert 4: Maestro & Friends.

Troika Gives Fifth Green Light on Cyprus Bailout - Risks Remain

The ECB, IMF and EU troika group has given its fifth green light on Cyprus' bailout progress, releasing a further 436 million euros in loans to the government, but warning that risks still remain.

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Thought for Today - Acceptance

Look today in the mirror with no judgment or regrets, accept what you see. Be kind to yourself and remember that love is all about freedom, exploring your possibilities, not living the world's expectations but about doing the things that are right for you.

Energy Regulator Calls on EAC To Separate into Four Entities

The Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA) has called on the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) to separate into four entities in preparation for privatisation measures.

All Proposals Submitted in Cyprus Peace Talks - UN

cyprus peace talks(Edited) Greek-Cypriot-and-Turkish-Cypriot leaders Nicos Anastasiades and Dervis Eroglu have agreed that both sides have completed the submission of their proposals in the current round of peace talks, said UN spokesman Michel Bonnardeaux.

The leaders met on July 24th at the Committee on Missing Persons laboratory, where the remains of missing persons from the 1974 Turkish invasion are identified so their families can bury them.

20,000 Speeding Violations in 40 Days - Engomi Municipality

speeding cyprusNew traffic cameras have recorded an incredible 20,000 speeding violations in the last 40 days, in a campaign to crack down on illegal races on Grivas Digenis avenue, said Engomi municipality.

Residents are in a nightmarish battle to sleep amid hellish noise made by the boy racers' engines, said the municipality.

Cyprus Central Bank Carries Out Hostile Takeover - FBME

The Cyprus Central Bank has carried out a hostile takeover of its operation in Cyprus, even though it had helped finance the government with 240 million euros when it needed it, said FBME in a statement.

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