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Thought for Today - Stop Asking, Start Experiencing

Happiness comes when you give up hope as all human suffering comes from hope. As long as you hope for something, you don't have it in your life. As long as you hope to receive what you want, you delay your happiness with the expectation that it has to be provided now.

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Thought for Today - How Many Dreams Do You Have?

How many dreams do you have and how much do you trust this world to fulfill your desires. Do you believe in abundance or are you complaining about what you don't get? As long as you expect, want and hope, all of your dreams will not manifest as they are awaiting your faith, inspiration and dedication.

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Thought for Today - Dare to Explore

Your life depends on the opportunities you are able to see, the courage you have to use them and the power you feet your actions with. Life is about discovering what you are able to do and dare to explore.

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Mary's Dinner Club - Delicious Recollections of 150 Dinners

cyprus blog Last Saturday was not spent cooking my food, but poring over its origins, trying to remember what made me choose it, where I found it, who or what inspired me to make it and wondering what made certain dishes so popular...

And since I am planning to offer my food on a different/more frequent basis very soon I went through all the favourites. First you’ll remember the most frequently prepared ones of course - for some of them I know they are a sure-fire success - every time. There not being any leftovers whatsoever even though I always calculate for a few extra is usually a dead giveaway.

Set focus on what we want

angela cyprusThere is a lot of work done by a lot of wonderful people who open their heart to connect with the heart of animals.

I don´t think we can emphasize enough that the many volunteers out there, dedicating parts of their life helping to deal with the increasing number of unwanted animals on this island go beyond the doable almost each day.

Emgoldex. We are trusted in Greece!

Emgoldex. We are trusted in Greece!


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Thought for Today - It's All Up to You

As long as you want to find the truth about your existence, you forget that All exist in the awareness of your own Being. Nothing is there when you are not there, you give value and presence to All what is and the more you are aware the better you understand that you are always in control, giving importance or not to All that you let unfold in your life.

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Thought for Today - What is Fear?

What are your fears and are they real. Where are they built on and how do you deal with them? Realize that your fears are based on the things you have learned to believe to be 'true', your conditioning and upbringing in a certain community trains you to have fear so you behave and obey the rules of that group.

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Are the authorities doing enough to prosecute those accountable for Cyprus' financial crash?
Yes, but it takes time to find evidence
No, they are not moving fast enough
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