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Thought for Today - Time Will Pass

The day will come that you don't see the sunrise anymore, time will pass without your notice and your voice is silent, no longer you will speak your truth.

Your life is a breath in eternity while you are on your way becoming aware of the consciousness of All.

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Thought for Today - The Greatness of Your Being

Every action of you in this world is a spiritual action as you are Spiritual Being living this human life.

Make right choice! Choose right way! Become a client right now!

Greek people can be called one of the most active on the planet. The Greeks are able to see the pros at any impossible place. For them, the dream of a wealthy life is very typical, however the Greeks want to get wealth quickly and easily.

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Thought for Today - Today You Are Blessed with Choice

Whatever you do today you are blessed with the opportunity to make a choice. With every choice you make you create an outcome to experience your power.

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President Barroso on the support package for Ukraine

The Commission met this morning to discuss the situation in Ukraine. The events of the last days have shocked us all and reminded us that principles that we cherish, like peace, cannot be taken for granted.

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European Commission's support to Ukraine

The European Commission agreed today a package of support identifying a number of concrete measures to assist economically and financially Ukraine.

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Thought for Today - Focus on Gratitude

You appreciate the things you have most when you are about to lose them. Your health, your relationships and all the things you have... it's easy to take them for granted as long as everything goes well and they are still in your life.

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - Mary's New Cook Book

This weekend was ‘event free’ with no dinner club and I dedicated it to organizing and promoting my book launch. Something I still have to keep saying out loud in order to believe it - I shall be launching my own book ‘On Healthy Cooking - Quinoa, Chard & Co Made Easy’ on March 15th.

It has been an exciting journey with many unexpected turns and lots of help from wonderful friends along the way. I have just seen the actual printed pages and the cover and looking at my pictures printed full-page on glossy paper had me speechless - how different from seeing them on your computer screen! The pages are currently being bound and by Thursday I will be able to pick up books at the printers with my pictures, my recipes and my name on them - something I can not quite imagine yet!

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