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What changes occurred in the gold market after the launch of the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop?

Although our world is a very unstable place, some laws and things remain unchangeable for centuries, being gold one of the most permanent ones. Despite the stability of gold, the gold market has some alternations that can change people's lives.

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Thought for Today - Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Today stop giving yourself all kinds of excuses not to move on because you are too afraid of failure. Maybe you don’t have a lot of self-confidence or you are afraid of the unknown not being sure that you can deal with it.

At Home with Pets – Cecil & Safety Tips on Helping a Blind Dog Settle in your Home


Well I’m sure you all join me in expressing horror at the killing of Cecil, Africa’s most famous lion. Trophy killing and hunting is quite simply wrong and no animal deserves to die at the hands of these killers. The good dentist is now being ‘hunted’ himself and I hope justice gets done. Time for the bounty hunters of America to mobilize I think. RIP Cecil, hopefully you won’t have died in vain and this will see the start of governments banning this inexcusable ‘sport’.

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Thought for Today - Transform Anger, Fear into Peace

You only get the best out of people when you are capable of seeing the best in them. The secret to motivate and activate others lies in your own ability to see their potential. Only then you can treat others with the respect they deserve, are capable to listen without judgment and have the patience to wait till the other is ready to give up his/her resentment.

The truth about truth and reconciliation

truth cyprusBy Dr Christalla Yakinthou

The two leaders have recently made groundbreaking statements about mistakes made on both sides in the past. There has also been debate in the media and in the public about truth and reconciliation in Cyprus. Recent discussions have focused on whether we need a truth commission in Cyprus, and if we do, when that should happen. But to have these discussions, we need to know more about what truth and reconciliation is and how it works.

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Thought for Today - Be Grateful for Everything

Today be grateful for everything you may do, for all what you may accomplish and be thankful for even that most smallest task you are capable to fulfill. It seems so ‘normal’ to do what you do on a daily basis and you easily take your health, talents and gifts for granted.

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Best Legal Conference to focus on issues of trust jurisdictions

The BEST LEGAL conference, to take place at the Four Seasons Hotel, Limassol, Cyprus, on 27-29 September 2015, is the only strictly legal conference organised in Cyprus and which is focused on foreign audiences.

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