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Demystifying numerology and crystals at Mary’s

This week’s events on Wednesday and Thursday were a special honor to host as our speaker had come from Hungary to share his knowledge with us. Benny Vervliet is a Numerologist and fourth generation Crystal Therapist, born in Belgium he currently lives in Budapest. Benny has been coming to the island for 14 years and is well known and much loved by many regulars of the island’s Mind Body Spirit Festivals. He’s a treat to be around with his brilliant sense of humor and down to earth attitude and of course his in-depth knowledge!

During Wednesday’s numerology workshop people
found out about their strengths and weaknesses and why they get along with some and not with others. They discovered talents and among many other things found out about ways of getting rid of stress. Participants calculated their own numerology and those of their loved ones and all 13 of them were intensively involved in discussions and calculations from beginning to end.

At Home With Pets - Natural Ways to Keep Your Pets Flea-Free

anna georghallidesBy Anna Georghallides

Hello and welcome to ‘At Home with Pets’. I was delighted when asked to write a weekly blog on animal welfare by Cyprus News Report. As many of you know the animal situation on the island is pretty dismal and whenever possible we want to do what we can to help. ‘Why you?’ I hear you ask; well let me tell you a bit about myself.

Apart from being a photographer and fundraising event organizer I’ve been involved in animal rescue for the better part of 20 years. I have fostered for various organizations and have dealt with many animals needing serious medical and emotional care from severe separation anxiety to paralysis, amputations, blindness, skin disorders – you name it, we’ve probably dealt with it! I also ran a shelter at one point but that’s a whole other story!

Unique Blossom Exhibition Opens in Limassol May 2nd

blossom exhibitionFor those who would like to make the most out of ‘Blossom’ they can travel through a journey of diverse presentations starting on the 5th of May.

‘Blossom’ will be welcoming its first presentation with AltHaus offering a tea presentation and tasting. ‘Tea time’ will start at 5:00pm where guests and tea lovers would have the opportunity to find out more about tea in general and at the same time taste different types of teas. So, prepare your taste buds and enjoy tea time with us!

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A stylish weekend at Mary's

This weekend we had yet another exciting first - a 'styling marathon' - a two-day workshop at Mary’s held by stylist and image maker Karina Nesterova from Fancy Shmancy in Moscow. The workshop welcomed ten Russian-speaking participants and the set-up included a projector, a large mirror and a table covered in plastic table cloth for painting. 

As my Russian is only at a basic level I only stayed during break time and lunch time but could certainly feel the excitement and anticipation as guests arrived on Saturday morning and introduced themselves.
Karina, a former ‘Limassolian’, briefed me on the contents: The first day was based on colours; participants found out about warm and cold colours and which suited which type.
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Thought for Today - Do You Want To Do What You Are Doing Right Now?

Today be aware if your work and actions are carrying your passion, are they holding your love and attention. Do you want to do what you are doing right now? All is energy and your thoughts about what and how you do it are reflected in the end results of what you do and make.

Superb Painter Kikos Lanitis New Exhibition Opens at Gloria Gallery

A must-see! Have a colorful time at Kikos Lanitis Art exhibition and a first look at Efi Papaioannou's "CINNERS" summer collection. Opening tonight, April 22nd at ​​"​​​​Gloria​ Gallery​​​", 19.30.

kikos lanitis 

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Thought for Today - Become Aware of Your Choices

All that happens in your life may bring you the experience to become more aware of the choices you make. You are not punished by life as you receive the circumstances in which you can recognize your power and wisdom but sometimes your anger will blind your point of view and your frustration will keep you in your victim role.

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