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Freeing your Voice at Mary's Dinner Club


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Thought for Today - Trust Your Heart and Gut

All there is, is the unlimited potential which always has been and always will be. Thoughts of need and worry separate you from this wholeness and perfection. Your thoughts keep you away from abundant receiving.

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Thought for Today - Be The Best You Can Be

You can't motivate people when you are sad, angry or frustrated. You can't make them enthusiastic or follow you in what you want to do as long as you don't show them how it inspires you through your bright and powerful approach.

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Psychology for good parenting and Dim Sum making - a productive weekend

mary's dim sum

This weekend saw two events at Mary’s - very different and both very enjoyable. On Friday I had the honor of welcoming several members of the very active group ‘Mums in Cyprus’ with an equally active and  informative website - always featuring many activities for mums and kids. We had organized events together before and this time I had suggested a guest speaker with a relevant topic - coach and innate health practitioner Tatev Petrosyan speaking on the psychology of good parenting.
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Thought for Today - Inspire New Ideas

Everything comes with practice, all what you have accomplished so far is a result of dedicated repetition. All what you want to improve needs your devotion and focus. Changing your life is a process of intense observation of what you have been thinking so far manifesting what you have now.

There's a Whole Lotta Stuff Going On

cyprus eventsThis is now officially Autumn and with the weather cooling down in Cyprus the events calendar is hotting up!  It is carnival season of course but there are so many other smaller events that are taking place across the island that I keep reading about. Just today in my news feeds I've read about a a plethora of events in Nicosia alone: a photographic exhibition by a French photojournalist Barbara Laborde running at Peace Hall near Ledra Street, a Buffer Fringe Festival being held at the  the buffer zone, a new vintage cafe Verve Cafe Bistro is opening.

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Thought for Today - Your Life Resonates with Your Energy

When you always look at what others have and doesn't give appreciation to what you have, you will always feel less or needy. The gratitude you are able to give to your own life is the inspiration for this Universe to give you more and better.

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