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Soul Art and Soul Food at Mary’s’s opening of Catt Kyriacou’s art exhibit and talk on soul art was a soulful affair - in every way. And a much anticipated one. Catt had been at Mary’s a week before to hang her wonderfully light and gentle work. The energy at Mary’s was absolutely transformed with paintings carrying titles like Pink Angel of Unconditional Love, Hope, Awakening Aphrodite, Regaining Balance...  gracing the walls.
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Thought for Today - Treasure What You Have

Treasure all that you have instead of complaining about what you don't have. Give gratitude to all what you may do instead of being frustrated about what you think you have to do. Life turns out in the way you see it, all what you inspire with your thoughts will grow, flourish and multiply.

Can't Keep Up? Three Blog Ideas for Your Next Post

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Can't find time in your busy schedule to sit down and write a blog? You're not alone, so here are three suggestions to take inspiration on the fly and communicate with your friends, family and likeminded people.

1. Share your latest book experience

Blossom Exhibition - Notice Our Tree

blossom exhibition

Has anyone noticed the Blossom tree? Every branch of the tree is different, yet every one of them is united into one trunk having strong roots into the ground. The tree is standing gracefully into the sun with its colorful blossoms glittering into the light. Every branch has written the word blossom into 6 different languages; every letter and every alphabet had its uniqueness and beauty all coming together into one tree with many blossoms.

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A new vibe at Mary’s

marys dinner club cyprusI hadn’t planned it that way, but then again, I always believe things happen the way they are ‘meant to’. We’ve had some great dinners lately, really good networking events, live music, a talk on the origins of money, one on Japan accompanied by sushi, a mini workshop on cooking with wild herbs and vegetables... and we have ‘Tina Turner’s’ performance just round the corner, but increasingly it’s ‘spiritual’ events at Mary’s.
What happens
No, we don’t stand on our heads all evening and chant oms, nor do we walk around wearing long skirts and enchanted smiles. It’s your regular dinner clubs with welcome drinks, introductions, lots of jokes and laughter, and the usual fun and totally eclectic mix of people of all ages, backgrounds and professions. It’s just that the topics of our guest speakers are increasingly of ‘spiritual’ nature.

Blossom Exhibition - Get to Know the Artists

blossom exhibition cyprusOne of the most interesting part of a project and in this case, this particular ‘Blossom’ event, is bringing people together and what is even more fascinating, is bring people from different cultural backgrounds, with their own experiences, knowledge, ideas and inspirations.

The amalgamation of these various cultures can provide an amazing presentation of how each artist was inspired to carry on and present their work. This blog is then dedicated to this exact source of inspiration that each artist shares for this project.

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Celebrating 4 years of fun events and inspiring people

mary anglberger4 years of Dinner Clubs, 200 events, over 2.000 guests - it certainly does not feel like it. It all went so quickly, so naturally. And yet, it seems like a looong time ago that I held that very first dinner club with 10 friends and acquaintances who liked the idea of creaitng a place where one can make new friends over new food. I still remember every detail! 

How it all started
April 1st 2011: the menu was West African and several of the guests had come via the German charity shop where I was volunteering at the time. I had put white tablecloths and slightly raised straw placemats - bad idea... there went the red wine. I was stressed! Well, people still had a ball and the rest is history - 200 events later I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s been hard work, but also an amazing experience of meeting and connecting an inspiring number of even more inspiring people!
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