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Thought for Today - This World is about Self-Development

Ask today how important you are for yourself as all in this world is about self-development. It’s about what you think, how you are capable to bring your own truth out and inspire the world you have created. It’s all about finding the ‘God’ source within as without you, it’s not found in others and you can’t recognize the greatness of your own Being.

At Home with Pets – Update/Announcements/Keeping Cool

anna georghallides animal welfareI had the pleasure of finally meeting the lovely Hermia this week. What can I say; from the scared, depressed little girl when she was first found 10 days ago in the garbage with her hind legs hacked off to her transformation under the care of her wonderful foster mum is amazing. She comes rushing to meet visitors on her 2 front legs and heaven help you if you give attention to other pups and leave her out! Feisty, fast and very affectionate (she covers you in kisses and knocks you over in the process) this precious girl doesn’t let her disability or the pain of what she has endured stop her from enjoying every minute. I look forward to seeing her development, her adjustment to new wheels following surgery and her life in a new forever home.

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India’s First Ever International Folk Festival

250 International Artists, 100 National Artists, 6 Days- Here Comes India’s First Ever International Folk Festival.

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Thought for Today - Be Special Today - Be You!

Be special today, act in a way that you aim for your highest desires, be truthful to yourself and remember that you are here to make the difference. Don’t try to be as anyone else but be fearless and realize your own unlimited potential.

Songwriter Eleni Skarpari Releases Debut Album 'Heart of Stone'

eleni skarpari

Eleni Skarpari's band Echo Wants Her Voice Back is known on the London music scene for the lead singer's phenomenal voice and folk noir style, and this summer, the Greek-Cypriot singer came home to launch her debut CD 'Heart of Stone'.

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Thought for Today - Keep Your Loved Ones Peacefully in Your Heart

Every airport, bus or railway station carries the energy of farewells, welcomes and goodbyes. They all smell of desperate tears or happy smiles. Everyone living far away from his loved ones knows the deep painful feeling of saying goodbye not knowing when you may welcome them again.

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Thought for Today - Getting Older Inspires Your Life

Getting older is not a race against the clock. Although the media likes to brainwash you to stay young, fit and healthy inviting you to use all the magic crèmes, Botox, diets and exercises you have to admit on every birthday that you can’t stop time.

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