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There's a Whole Lotta Stuff Going On

cyprus eventsThis is now officially Autumn and with the weather cooling down in Cyprus the events calendar is hotting up!  It is carnival season of course but there are so many other smaller events that are taking place across the island that I keep reading about. Just today in my news feeds I've read about a a plethora of events in Nicosia alone: a photographic exhibition by a French photojournalist Barbara Laborde running at Peace Hall near Ledra Street, a Buffer Fringe Festival being held at the  the buffer zone, a new vintage cafe Verve Cafe Bistro is opening.

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Thought for Today - Your Life Resonates with Your Energy

When you always look at what others have and doesn't give appreciation to what you have, you will always feel less or needy. The gratitude you are able to give to your own life is the inspiration for this Universe to give you more and better.

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Cooking with fresh herbs at Mary's Dinner Club

marys dinner club

This Saturday marked Dinner Club number 151 'Pairing herbs with food workshop with Miranda Tringis' - a very special number as Dinner Club 150 took place quite a while ago and after a short break I am ‘back home’ hosting my dinners in my private apartment. It feels really nice to be in that ‘living room setting’ again, especially as I now have a very spacious living room... spacious and with a layout that seems to be made for dinner clubs.

Most guests had actually seen my new home online, but still, without exception they stepped through that doorway with a big ‘Wow’ on their lips! How wonderful to get so much confirmation of your choice! It was a perfect one!
The setup for the event had taken me much longer than usual, not because of the size of the space, but because of my admiration for it - I kept walking up and down the hall, the living room, pacing the kitchen in awe mumbling phrases including words like, amazing, unreal, so perfect...
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Thought for Today - Life is Special Each Day

It's so easy to complain that you have to get up early or work every day, it seems to be normal to worry and having problems, experiencing obstacles in your life. Imagine what would happen if you can't wait to wake up in the morning, being excited to go through your day.

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Thought for Today - Open Your Heart

Your behavior tells something about you, it shows your flexibility, your kindness or frustration. Your humor and smile will be always returned and inspires everyone's day.

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Thought for Today - Encourage Others

What do you need to achieve more or work harder than the rest around you. What makes you go for the next step, the higher level or the challenges in life? It's probably the pep talk or motivating praise of your boss, the belief people have in you or the trust of your children that you can achieve miracles.

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