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Thought for Today - There Is No One Like You

There is no one like you, no one can take your place, fill in your roles and be the person that you are. You are unique!

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Thought for Today - Taking Care of You

How much time do you take during your day listening to yourself. How much focus do you have to take care of how you feel of what you want. Do you take yourself seriously and are you respectfully listening to your inner voice?

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Thought for Today - All Around You Are Your Thoughts

All around you follows your thoughts. The way you think about yourself is shown in the reactions and behavior of others. When you can feel equal and worthy with all around you, you will gain respect as your thoughts are shaping your reality.

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Thought for Today - Dare To Be Different

When you really want to change some things in your life be brave, be different and dare to be a rebel today. Nothing will change when you keep thinking the same thoughts and complain about what you want to be different while never take action.

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Thought for Today - Show The True Leader Inside of You

There will be always moments in your life in which you are challenged to take action. When you complain about the circumstances you are in, you forget that just the challenges you go through may provide improvement and deeper insights.

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Thought for Today - Take Care of the Small Things

How does your house look like, is your desk clean and your toilet spotless. Do you care about feeding your pets on time and are your closets organized? The way you act upon the small things around you will indicate how you will perform on any other, bigger or more important issue in your life.

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Thought for Today - Be Special Today

Be special today, don't just do what others do. Show your talents and gifts. Don't bother if people will like you as you can't please everyone around you. Have your own vision, be passionate and dare to be extraordinary as all what happens in your life shows your courage and creativity.

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