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Ensuring transparency in transatlantic transactions a top priority for the EU

The Foreign Affairs Council (Trade) met in Athens under the chairmanship of Notis Mitarachi, Deputy Minister for Development and Competitiveness of the Hellenic Republic. During the Council a constructive discussion of all key aspects of the EU foreign trade agenda took place.

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Thought for Today - Being Grateful is Key To Abundant Life

It has no use to relive your past or to complain what has happened. Still look for a moment back and realize what you have learned so far from everything that has happened in your life as when you see the valuable lessons in everything you have gone through you are able to enlighten your future with the wisdom of every past event.

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Thought for Today - Be In Control of Your Life

Be in control of your life, don't hope to have it. Don't complain about what happens in your life be aware that it's up to you to make the best out of what happens in your life. What you don't control will control you.

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - Two Very Different Events

cyprus blogsThe past weekend saw two very different events. On Saturday we literally rolled on the floor laughing at a laughter yoga workshop followed by an Indian meal while on Sunday we were totally mesmerized by a talk with/by photographer Achilleas Zavallis on his work in war time Syria.

On Saturday we arrived at the JOY Project Center in Nicosia at 4:00 where owner and laughter yoga instructor Elina Papa was awaiting us in her lovely, spacious center.

The Art of Friendship

art of friendshipI had the delightful experience last week of meeting for the first time, someone I had made friends with through my blog.

Sarah is a practising artist who lives in Holland married to a Dutchman, she is also a keen crafter. She popped over to the UK for a short break and was doing some walking over Lewes way in East Sussex, so decided to contact me to see if we could meet up. Initially she was keen to see the village where I live and particularly our community garden of which I often mention in my blogs.

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Thought for Today - Be Inspired by Your Own Power

You alone has the responsibility over your own life, how to live it, what choices you make or what you inspire or neglect. You can't blame anyone else as that means that you give your control away.

Another One Bites the Dust

food on a plateWell the long prepared for day came on Saturday when I was due to give my demonstration/talk about Cyprus, food and crafts. I had been cooking up colocassi and shamali, skordalia and trahana, and gathering authentic Cyprus fare from far and wide...well London actually. With the help of my food writer  friend  Rosemary Moon we launched into the session with a humble offering of village salad to accompany the other delicacies, while Rosemary prepared some koupes I made my kieftedhes.

Tsakisstes were on offer with some yoghurt to accompany the spread and of course some proper halloumi to top it off. It was a pleasure to see a fully filled quota of people on the course and all had some connection to Cyprus either through relatives or from being stationed there while serving in the Forces.

I had made quite a few notes beforehand and surprised myself by enjoying the experience without chopping off any fingers or making a complete fool of myself. 

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