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'Wild Cooking' at Mary's

miranda tringisFriday’s event had required quite some planning on my part – especially on my part because I’m not much the type for ‘wild cooking’ which is exactly why we had gotten Miranda Tringis from Cyherbia Organic Herbs of Cyprus to teach us. But still, I had to have some food ready. So I had hit the local farmers market and just bought everything green and ‘wild looking’ I could get my hands on. The famers were as always lovely and tried to be helpful, but mostly I was told to boil and eat those greens with ‘oliver oil’ and lemon juice. 

I was having visions of my guests in front of great bowls of ‘greens’ served with olive oil and lemon juice - probably not a real winner, even with fans of ‘wild ingredients’. So I got my camera out and sent the pictures of my ‘wild purchase’ to Miranda. Being the walking botanical encyclopaedia she is, she sent back names and cleaning/cooking instructions right away.
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Thought for Today - Expand Your Awareness

Everything that you call 'true' is in itself a limitation as it keeps the idea of 'false' alive. You live your own reality of what you think to be true and keep yourself imprisoned in your limited and conditioned thoughts until you discover that you can change your mind by simply believing that you have that freedom and ability.

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Thought for Today - Be Free of the Victim Role

How do you react when people shout at you, tell you lies or insist on forcing their opinion upon you. Does it make you upset and do you start to defend yourself? Today go simply beyond their words and recognize the need of other to be important and present in your life.

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Mary’s turns classroom ‘Welcome chatterboxes’!

mary's dinner clubOn Wednesday we enjoyed a totally new event - a cocktail party for my adult English students from our ‘Chatterbox’ conversation class at Interlead Foreign Language Centre. The idea was to help students of English feel comfortable in a social setting using the language by inviting them to a cocktail party that welcomed the same number of native/fluent English speakers. And comfortable they were - and also very brave!
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Successful fundraiser for acid victim Reshma in Norway

Indian Norwegian Community- Being Human (INC) collected 27.000 kroners for Reshma Qureshi, an acid victim from Mumbai at a charity fundraiser in Oslo.

Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal, National Secretary, Bharatiya Janata Party Kisan Morcha, attended the charity event as the chief guest. He flew all the way from Italy to Oslo, where he was on a visit, to support a good cause.

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Thought for Today - How Patient Are You?

How patient are you when you drive your car, how calm do you stay when people don't keep their promises, what do you do when your client cancels an appointment at the last moment or your kids refuse to listen to you? Is it easy to lose your temper and difficult to stay unattached?

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Thought for Today - What Is Your Goal Today?

What is your goal today, do you have tasks to fulfill, ideas to develop, a house to clean or people to take care of? As long as your passion guides you in all what you do, you will do a brilliant job.

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