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Thought for Today - What Do You Want from Life?

How clear is it for you what you want from life. Do you know how to explore your potential. What kind of questions do you ask yourself to enhance your awareness about your behavior, opinions and the things you find important ? Are they provoking you to think more deeply?

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Thought for Today - It Takes Guts To Improve the World

Improving the world around you, having the guts to make changes and living a life of your own, needs an attitude of courage and a healthy self-esteem.

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Tea party a-la Ritz, an art auction and a great cause

boyiadsisSunday’s event had required a fair amount of reparation on several fronts - new challenges and a new success: things for our afternoon charity tea a-la-Ritz with an art auction in support of the Association of Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family worked out really well.

Local and international artists had generously donated their pieces of art for the silent auction which were carefully arranged ahead of time by one of the organizers, Anna Georghallides. There were paintings, a quilt, framed photographs, hand painted pillow cases, handmade jewellery and cards...
I had set up two tables for tea and a friends and regular dinner club guest had kindly agreed to help me with the baking. Being Austrian I had actually never been or a ‘cream tea’ or ‘high tea’ as these traditional British events are also called. I had also never eaten, or baked scones.
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Thought for Today - What Is Your Life Strategy?

What kind of strategy do you have living your life, are you aware of what you want to develop, do you go into that kind of direction in which you feel good and satisfied. Maybe you are very busy following up with all what happens in your life but are you taking the right actions for making your own dreams come true?

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Thought for Today - Live Your Dreams

How does your day look today, what are your priorities and do you follow your schedule. How faithful do you keep up with all your promises to yourself and others?

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Enjoying cocktails of a different kind - Kefir, Kombucha and Aloe Vera


During this Sunday’s event the focus was not of food but on drinks – ‘super drinks’ to be precise. We had Counsellor of Natural Nutrition/Naturopathy, Bioenergy and Holistic Therapist Panayiota Papalouka giving a talk on the healing powers of Kefir, Aloe Vera and Kombucha. Panyiota has in-depth knowledge of all of them and has been producing her own organically for a long time; she is using them successfully in her therapies.
The guests who had signed up had already tried at least one of the drinks and brought along great interest in the subject matter. They did not hesitate to have a ‘shot’ of fresh aloe vera juice - bright green and not too pretty with bits of the plant floating in it, it actually tasted quite nice thanks to the acacia honey used in it.
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Thought for Today - You Are Worthy of Everything!

Are you going with the changes in your life or do keep yourself reminding about what was. Do you have the guts to experience new things or are you holding on to what you have? Life is about exploring your possibilities and using your ability to enhance your way of thinking, challenging your perception and enlightening your opinion.

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Thought for Today - All is Possible

What is your perspective to life, do you see things for what they are or do you understand that you see them most of the time from your (limited) point of view only? How do you perceive your circumstances, what do you think is possible right now?

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