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Russia, EU join flood relief efforts in Serbia, Bosnia

Two Russian cargo planes carrying food, generators and rescue boats landed in Serbia on Sunday as part of a relief effort after the worst floods in over a century killed more than 20 people in the Balkan country and neighboring Bosnia. Landslides triggered by unprecedented rains in Bosnia have left hundreds of people homeless, officials said, while thousands more have fled their homes in neighboring Croatia and Serbia as Balkan countries battle the region’s worst flooding since modern records began.

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Greeks vote in first round of local elections

Greeks began voting on Sunday in the first round of local elections that mark Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s first big electoral test since coming to power two years ago. The vote, along with European Parliament elections a week later, are being closely watched as a gauge of sentiment towards Samaras’s fragile coalition, which could be in jeopardy if the far-left Syriza and far-right Golden Dawn parties fare well.

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Thought for Today - Accept and Receive

Don't 'try' to do things, but 'do' them, don't 'hope' but be determines to succeed as when you 'try' and 'hope' you send out a message in which you believe there is space for failure.

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Thought for Today - Live Your Wise Words

Are you behaving as a role model of faith and wisdom, living the wise words you speak about. When you put wonderful quotes of peace on Facebook, do you remember them when you live your daily life?

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Thought for Today - How Did You Start Your Day?

How did you start your day...... Have you thought of giving today your best intention, inspiring it with your greatest dedication as every morning is a miracle by itself. Every morning holds the promise of new creation, the darkness leaves to make place for a brand new day.

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - Traditional Chinese Medicine

mary anglbergerAnd Saturday featured yet another insightful and totally ‘different’ evening bringing together a fantastic mix of health/nutrition conscious people over truly exotic food.

The title ‘Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine – the healing powers of common foods’ immediately drew great interest and the event was soon fully booked.

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Thought for Today - Live a Great Life

To live a great life you have to be present to hold focus on the possibilities of every moment. It's about making the decision not to do what you always have been doing, creating new visions while you recognize that 'life' and opportunities are everywhere around.

The Confernce in Athens gathered clients from various countries

The Confernce in Athens gathered clients from various countries

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Are the authorities doing enough to prosecute those accountable for Cyprus' financial crash?
Yes, but it takes time to find evidence
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