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Thought for Today - You Make The Rules in Your Life

Nothing controls you as long as you don't think that it can control you. Nothing out there tells you how to live your life when you are aware that you have your free will to accept or to change your life, allowing things to happen or not.

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Thought for Today - Be Sure to Perform with Excellence and Passion

Today be sure to perform in all what you do with excellence and passion. Reflect you inner greatness in all your actions remembering that it's you who creates your future and no one else.

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Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Michael Antoniou... performing at Mary’s

marys dinner clubSaturday’s event ‘Michael Antoniou Presents the Legends of Music’ brought together a true ‘fan club’ of the performer with several groups of 4 and 6 filling my spacious living room. The event had been planned several weeks ahead of time as Michael is quite busy, performing his collection of classics by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat King Cole... across the island.
I had seen Michael perform once before and was truly impressed by his powerful yet smooth voice. His performance becomes even more impressive when one finds out that Michael only started his singing career four years ago after having discovered his musical talents singing lullabies to his baby son which he later recorded so he’d be able to sneak out of his son’s room with the song still playing. The rest as they say - is history. He now knows over 80 songs and has performed at most of the big hotels on the island as well as at innumerable functions and parties.
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Thought for Today - Shine Your Light

What is your goal for today, are you planning on being happy or do you continue to give attention to all what you don’t like in your life? Are your feelings of guilt, anger, fear and frustration keeping you from performing excellent, being extraordinary, giving your best?

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Mary's goes classical

marys dinner clubFriday’s Pre-concert Cocktail Party for Yiannis Georgiou’s piano recital was lovely - different from what had been planned, but lovely nonetheless. In fact for various (mostly logistical) reasons we ended up having a ‘post-concert cocktail party’ rather than meeting before the recital.
Most guests had already picked up their tickets for the recital so we just met at our wonderful third and fourth row seats of the Rialto Theatre. Fortunately we were all early, so our joyful greetings did not disturb anyone. Almost everyone had met for the first time the previous weekend at the French Dinner with Yiannis, but as always at dinner clubs, new friendships had quickly formed over good conversation and good food.
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Thought for Today - Think Differently About Your Circumstances

Your circumstances are not an excuse for how you feel as it's you labeling them good or bad. The only one who controls your mind is you and all change about what happens in your world takes place there. Thinking different about your circumstances, simply taking responsibility for how you feel and act, not following your first thought but knowing that you have the control to choose how you feel, makes you the master of your mind and the leader over your own world.

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French food, Russian tales and classical music

yiannis georgiouSaturday’s French dinner with British-Cypriot pianist Yiannis Georgiou was one of those events that got booked early on. It is quite a rare treat to meet a professional classical musician, especially over dinner in the cosy setting of a private home and it seems a home cooked French meal is certainly a plus too. 

In fact Yiannis had requested to keep his talk informal, as a ‘regular conversation’ with him answering the guests’ questions. A format we had used during a similar event with him two years ago. Then too we had French food and were preparing to join Yiannis a week later at the Rialto Theatre for his piano recital. 
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