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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - A New Chapter As MDC Goes Bistro

art bistro agoraThe last week and weekend did not see a dinner club, but were still filled with food thoughts – lots of them, in many new shapes and forms, mainly of logistical nature. Mary’s Dinner Club’s move to its new ‘playground’ Art Bistro Agora which will open in the center of Limassol in July requires lots of thinking and planning.

Starting a new business is an exciting venture - at times also overwhelming, but exciting at all times. With the growing success of my small and informal dinners and the truly amazing expansion of my network I had been thinking for a while that I ‘should do something’. I had just never considered running a restaurant until my current business partner Ajit Bubber approached me to ask if I’d like to manage a restaurant he was planning to take over.

Abuse of Animals Shows Sociopathic Behaviour - Opinion

We've all been following the latest horrific case of animal abuse in Protaras, in which a small dog was thrown into a cardboard crusher. It should be noted here that Cyprus is no exception in the rule - many countries have similar problems.

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Thought for Today - Be Your Own Best Colleague

Who do you want to be, do you have an idea how you want to be remembered? Are your actions showing your dedication and do you like the idea to have yourself as your co-worker . Are your actions pure and do you trust yourself?

CNR Is Against Animal Abuse in Cyprus and Anywhere Else in the World

animal protection cyprus

 We are following up a story about a small poodle dog that was put through a garbage disposal in a Protaras Hotel - while still alive.

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Thought for Today - There Is No Time To Lose

There is no time to lose as time is in the mind but use it wisely to enjoy and appreciate what you may do with the 24 hours you have every day. Don't waste it, being bored not recognizing what can be done, but realize that this day never returns.

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Thought for Today - Thinking Differently

When you think in a positive or negative way, you ignore the many other creative ways you are able to think. The mind just reflects on the feelings you feed it, which may upset, inspire or calm you down.

Behind the Scenes.

cyprus blog

 I have had a bit of a break from blogging, partly due to lack of connectivity while away and partly due to that delicious unwound feeling. I haven't quite re-wound yet and I hope that lasts, a while anyway, but I did want to re-connect. I went away partly to relax but also to network a bit with the book, both manifested and the people I met helped re-charge my batteries so that was a nice rewarding circle. I have met so many lovely people through the book and it has proved to be a continuing source of enrichment.

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Thought for Today - Respecting Yourself

Respecting yourself is not about the things you do well or the skills you use but understanding about the potential you ARE. Comprehending the enormous power you have when you let go of the limited thoughts of your mind brings you the freedom of your radiant Spirit.

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