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My First Blog - Ludmila Budanov's Passion for Jewellery

ludmila budanovThe following blog is by first-timer Lumila Budanov, who attended's workshop 'Write Your First Blog', held at Art Bistro Agora on August 20th, and hosted by Mary's Dinner Club. The event was inspiring and enjoyable, with writers of all levels taking part so they can communicate their passions, work, pastimes, and causes.

Dear friends,

I start blogging to share my enthusiasm with you!

My passion for jewellery led to me opening a jewellery store and now I have a lot of beautiful ornaments (smile). Enough for all of us.

I come to “work” with joy and am even more happy when customers can evaluate my jewels and start an interesting dialogue about different stones and styles.

Thought for Today - You Create Your Thoughts

Everything is a simply a thought you have, what you think to be true is only based on the conditioning you have so far. The values you give to the circumstances you live are connected to the feelings you have about them. It's you who create your thoughts using that limitation of your consciousness and the awareness of your mind.

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Thought for Today - All Anger is Self-Anger

What are you recognizing in others, who behaves in ways that irritate you most? Remember; when you make things personal what others say or do, it becomes something you have to deal with, if you like it or not.

Thanks! Do It In Cyprus

sarah fenwickThanks, Do It In Cyprus, for adding to your homepage, it's nice to connect to a website that is positive and active in promoting the island's activities.

This type of connection is the best way to network on the Internet, not only is it the new way to make new business contacts, it is also a way to improve your search engine results so that people can find you more easily.

CNR does not have a formal link exchange programme, because we believe that organic and relevant searches are more effective long term, however, we're happy to link up with like-minded site owners who have something new to say.

Editor's note from Sarah Fenwick (click the link to connect on Linkedin).

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - Austrian Dinner Club and Birthday Treat

mary's dinner clubSaturday’s Austrian Dinner Club at Art Bistro Agora was really a belated birthday treat for myself - I had celebrated ‘my special day’ on Thursday. The drinks on the day itself at the same venue had been absolutely lovely with many dear friends stopping by my new venue. I enjoyed catching up, sipping sparkling wine and nibbling on chips.

On Saturday it was time for something more substantial and as I told some friends, in Austria we eat Goulash year round, hot or cold out. Goulash with dumplings to me is always a special treat even though considered quite ‘common’ food back home, to me it’s a real birthday meal. To the guests it was also a treat and both the vegetarian potato version and the beef version were much appreciated.

I had been undecided about starters and when my physics teacher from looong ago with whom I have recently reconnected asked via Facebook about it I told him so.

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Thought for Today - What Do You Allow in Your Life?

What do you allow there to be in your life. What do you think you deserve to have and are you capable of receiving it? The moment that you don't get what you really want, shows your hidden blockage to abundant thoughts.

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Thought for Today - Be At Your Best Today

Are you going to do your utmost to be at your best today, reaching for excellence and honoring this day for what it is; your opportunity to create miracles, inspire your talents and making this a day to be remembered with love and gratitude?

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - All About Dinner Clubs

mary dinner clubWith Mary’s Dinner Clubs having moved to a ‘new playground’ - Art Bistro Agora in the center of Limassol - there has been lots of new interest, yes, curiosity even, about dinner clubs by those who ‘have been hearing about them’.

Dinner Clubs - or Supper Clubs - are also known as "pop-up" restaurants or "underground dining", and are essentially part-time restaurants, that are often held in people's homes or other, sometimes temporary, venues that are not normally used as a restaurant. Because of the usually relatively low number of participants, dinner clubs create a more intimate atmosphere and are great for meeting new people.

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