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Tomatina Festival, Spanish tomato fest

tomato fest spainThis is a romantic one for the romantic at heart

The pictures have spoken  but I include here five benefits of tomatoes I have read online:
1) They are anti-cancer
2) They are anti-inflammatory
3)they keep our DNA healthy
4) They protect against thrombosis
5) They are good for the heart
They also taste good and the organic kind is hard to beat. The Russians pickle them; down south we dry them in the sun!
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US red-faced over diplomat cursing EU

The United States tried to contain fallout Friday from a leaked phone conversation in which a top diplomat uses the f-word regarding the European Union’s handling of the crisis in Ukraine. The embarrassing diplomatic incident comes as Ukraine’s President Viktor Yanukovych was due to hold crisis talks with Russian counterpart and ally Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Sochi. Washington and Brussels have engaged in a diplomatic standoff with Kiev and Moscow over mass protests that erupted in Ukraine in November when Yanukovych rejected a pact with the EU in favor of closer ties with former Soviet master Russia.

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Olympics: Putin opens Sochi Games after stunning show

President Vladimir Putin on Friday opened the Winter Olympics Games in Sochi that are inextricably linked with his name, after a stunning ceremony where Russia sought to convince the world it is a worthy host. The high-octane ceremony at the 40,000 capacity Fisht stadium on the Black Sea got off to a rocky start when one of five illuminated snowflakes which were supposed to morph into the Olympic rings failed to appear, leaving an embarrassing set of just four rings.

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Italy-Germany discuss Europe’s need for political future

A Europe dedicated to the growth of its citizens, and a Europe of the world, i.e. with a common foreign policy. These will be the priorities of the Italian EU duty Presidency, as Minister Emma Bonino outlined in a meeting today in Rome with her German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Tres Elies Captured in Time

I finally received my copy of 'Treis Elies- A journey in Spring last week' by Ethan Hubbard. My cousin's daughter brought the copy back to London with her after spending Christmas in Cyprus and we met for the delivery. I was delighted to finally have it as I have been joyfully anticipating being able to spend time reading it. And it did not disappoint. The book is printed in black and white, the photographs are extremely descriptive, a valuable  record of mountain village life which is fast disappearing, indeed since his visit the village has reduced its population by a third. These photographs alone tell a story but they are enhanced by Ethan's short notes in the form of a diary written during his two month stay in Treis Elies.

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Thought for Today - The Key to Success and Peace of Mind

Maybe just now your life turns into a direction you don't like or don't want. Maybe you feel no hope or are afraid for the things you expect to come. Remember that what happens in your life is only a reflection of your power not of your weakness.

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Thought for Today - You Are Love

Love has no need for reassurance, doesn't ask for prove or takes away your freedom. Love holds the promise of acceptance and respects you to follow your own path. Love is never afraid of betrayal and accepts your choices as Love trusts the empowerment of the heart.

AMAZING conference in Poland! Gold is around us!


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