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Thought for Today - Life is the outcome of your thoughts

Life is not about getting what you want or hoping for the best as life is the outcome of your thoughts. How much abundant thoughts, faith and trust do you have. In what way do you honor your life and do you take care of yourself?

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Thought For Today - Be Selective With Your Influences

All has its own influence on you so your thoughts are shaped by the people you meet, your surroundings influences your moods and your experiences will change your thoughts. So be careful who you call your friends, be selective with what you watch, read or let have an influence in your world.

Time to Explore

androula's kitchenAfter my return from my stay in Cyprus a few weeks ago I felt very restless. I had felt a strong pull to stay there a bit longer this time as there is always so much I want to see and do that I never seem to have quite enough time in which to do it.

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Thought for Today - Be Aware of Your Strength

While most people will focus on their weaknesses, be today aware of your strength. While everyone complains about what they don't have or can't do, be grateful for all you have receive and are able to manifest in this world.

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Thought for Today - When You Understand Your True Power, You Become Humble

When you slowly discover the truth about yourself, you become humble. When you understand and experience the power you are, you become silent. There is no need to fight, discuss or prove the enormous potential of your being when it becomes clear that your existence in this world of duality find purpose in enlightening the darkness with you intentions of love, humbleness and peace.

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Thought for Today - Let Your Light Shine

You only possess things when you can let go of them, otherwise they possess you.

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Thought For Today - Blaming Others Gives Them Power Over You

When you want to blame someone for things that happen in your life, be aware that you give that person the power to spoil your life. Being angry means that you have given your control away and all what makes you angry has power over you.

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Challenging the Old Order to Set New Frontiers in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology

OMICS Group takes pleasure in announcing the 4th International Conference and Expo in Nanotek with the aim of tracking the most recent advancements in nanotechnology and Nanoscience, including Pharmaceutics, Nanomedicine, Applications of Nanotechnology in Materials Research, Synthesis, and Fabrication during December 01-03, 2014, at San Francisco, USA.

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