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Tales of a Jazz Singer - In Tribute to B.B. King, RIP

bbking"I believe everybody's had the blues at one time or another." B.B. King.

I was sad when I heard B.B. King had died, and felt the same way as I did when Stevie Ray Vaughn passed away, only consoled by the knowledge that his music will live on forever in my and millions of others' hearts.

Anyone who's had the blues and turned on B.B. King has felt comforted by his music and the sweet sound of Lucille, as he called his guitar. He inspired generation after generation of guitarists and was an example to all musicians who aspire to play that most deceptively simple and deeply emotionally complex genre of music - the blues.

At Home with Pets – ‘Tick Tock’

animal careTick season is obviously upon us! I was not amused yesterday when I came in after a lovely walk with the pups to find that a couple of unwelcomed guests had attached themselves onto poor Foxy and Tipper. Ticks can carry a variety of diseases, including Ehrlichia which unfortunately most rescue dogs have when initially rescued in Cyprus and although treatable you don’t want back. Ehrlichia along with Anaplasma and Lyme disease can all be fatal for pets if not treated (treatments last for approx 30 days) and humans can catch all three from being bitten by infected ticks, thankfully they cannot be caught through contact with your pet.

Symptoms in your pets can include: Anaplasma – lameness, joint pain, fever, lethargy and no appetite Ehrlichia – fever, swollen lymph nodes, weight loss, respiratory distress Lyme – high fever, lameness, joint swelling, swollen lymph nodes, lethargy and no appetite.

At Home with Pets - Choosing the Perfect Trainer

anna georghallidesI have to say I was touched by the number of people who read my first blog last week and were kind enough to give me nothing but positive comments. Thank you.

If you have questions or suggestions for subjects that you’d like me to cover you can reach me at

As this blog develops I’ll be mentioning companies or individuals who deal with animal welfare that I have used and know personally. Let me mention here that they won’t be paying me or requesting that I promote them, just if they fit into a subject I am covering I’m happy to include them as obviously they have helped me and my fur-babies in some way therefore deserving recognition.

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Thought for Today - Are You Enjoying What You Are Doing?

Are you enjoying what you are going to do today, can't you wait to start doing your work, are you exited to give it your best? Living life is about all the choices you make for yourself as you live the outcome of all your decisions.

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Learning about body language over Thai food at Mary’s

Saturday’s Introductory Workshop on Body Language and Human Relations with Psychotherapist Louiza Michael was a particularly ‘chatty’ one. And particularly exciting in that half of the 10 participants were first time guests. Nationalities included the ‘usual mix’ of British, British-Cypriot, German, and this time an interesting mix of American-Cypriot, French-Cypriot and Armenian-Lebanese.
All the participants were women and the atmosphere very cozy from the beginning as we started off in the ‘couch area’, sipping a strawberry punch, getting to know each other. I had prepared our buffet dinner ahead of time so I too would be able to participate.

Tales of a Jazz Singer - Frankie's Social

jazz singer sarah fenwick

When I started out singing jazz in Cyprus 20 years ago, I had a pre-conceived idea of the places I would sing in; they'd be classy, jazzy; subdued lighting; great service; and respect for the talents in jazz entertainment like Frank Sinatra.

The reality 20 years ago was that those places didn't exist, except for the occasional surprise like the Cotton Club owned by Akis Pharmakalides in Nicosia and the Paddock Bar in the Hilton Hotel, both of which I sang in for several years at the beginning of my career.

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Demystifying numerology and crystals at Mary’s

This week’s events on Wednesday and Thursday were a special honor to host as our speaker had come from Hungary to share his knowledge with us. Benny Vervliet is a Numerologist and fourth generation Crystal Therapist, born in Belgium he currently lives in Budapest. Benny has been coming to the island for 14 years and is well known and much loved by many regulars of the island’s Mind Body Spirit Festivals. He’s a treat to be around with his brilliant sense of humor and down to earth attitude and of course his in-depth knowledge!

During Wednesday’s numerology workshop people
found out about their strengths and weaknesses and why they get along with some and not with others. They discovered talents and among many other things found out about ways of getting rid of stress. Participants calculated their own numerology and those of their loved ones and all 13 of them were intensively involved in discussions and calculations from beginning to end.
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