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Getting your feet (not) tickled at Mary's

As many of you will know, since my move to my much bigger venue back in October I’ve had the luxury of having extra rooms at my disposal. One of them has been turned into a therapy room - complete with massage table, soft light, candles... for my many therapist friends and dinner club guests.
I am happy to report that as of late the lovely room is being used more and more by equally lovely people. I like having good ‘healing’ energy around and yes, I love getting to try out treatments. Like last weekend when I got my first reflexology treatment ever by Susan Rudd who’ll be at Mary’s regularly from now on.
I had only heard about reflexology mostly due to the fact that I am simply not crazy about massages or treatments of any kind that involved strangers touching me. Even just the thought of getting my (very short) hair washed at the hairdresser’s has me cringe - reason why I usually wash it at home. So getting my feet massaged actually took some ‘convincing’.
So what is reflexology?
I actually read up on it before and found out: Reflexology is a complementary therapy that stimulates the natural healing ability of the body by the application of pressure to specific points (reflexes) found on the feet. Following injury, illness or stress, the body is in a state of imbalance and vital energy pathways can become congested and blocked. A trained reflexologist can detect these blockages. Skilled application of reflexology techniques can gently stimulate the natural healing ability of the body, allowing it to return to a state of healthy balance.
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Soulart making our souls float on a Sunday morning


soulartThis Sunday morning of Healing with Art - an Introduction to Soulart with Catt Kyriakou turned out to be a personal favourite of mine! And it seems safe to say everyone else’s. We’ve already had some lovely and very ‘soulful’ events with Catt who’s been coming all the way from Ayia Napa to see us. Especially the evening during which she explained how she does her Soulart to help others ‘heal’ had me fascinated. I find any kind of art has something healing about it - to me it is photography which makes me feel like I’ve gone off ‘to elsewhere’ to take a break... and from now on also painting with pastels!
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Tweeting the night away at Mary’s

twitterFriday’s presentation and workshop ‘10 Twitter Power Hacks’ by Social Media Manager Charli Day was yet again something totally different to be featured at Mary’s.  I had actually organized the event out of purely egoistical reasons as my personal relationship with Twitter has been ambivalent at best. And it turned out I was not the only one who just ‘didn’t quite get it’.
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Learning about body language over Thai food at Mary’s

Saturday’s Introductory Workshop on Body Language and Human Relations with Psychotherapist Louiza Michael was a particularly ‘chatty’ one. And particularly exciting in that half of the 10 participants were first time guests. Nationalities included the ‘usual mix’ of British, British-Cypriot, German, and this time an interesting mix of American-Cypriot, French-Cypriot and Armenian-Lebanese.
All the participants were women and the atmosphere very cozy from the beginning as we started off in the ‘couch area’, sipping a strawberry punch, getting to know each other. I had prepared our buffet dinner ahead of time so I too would be able to participate.
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Demystifying numerology and crystals at Mary’s

This week’s events on Wednesday and Thursday were a special honor to host as our speaker had come from Hungary to share his knowledge with us. Benny Vervliet is a Numerologist and fourth generation Crystal Therapist, born in Belgium he currently lives in Budapest. Benny has been coming to the island for 14 years and is well known and much loved by many regulars of the island’s Mind Body Spirit Festivals. He’s a treat to be around with his brilliant sense of humor and down to earth attitude and of course his in-depth knowledge!

During Wednesday’s numerology workshop people
found out about their strengths and weaknesses and why they get along with some and not with others. They discovered talents and among many other things found out about ways of getting rid of stress. Participants calculated their own numerology and those of their loved ones and all 13 of them were intensively involved in discussions and calculations from beginning to end.
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A stylish weekend at Mary's

This weekend we had yet another exciting first - a 'styling marathon' - a two-day workshop at Mary’s held by stylist and image maker Karina Nesterova from Fancy Shmancy in Moscow. The workshop welcomed ten Russian-speaking participants and the set-up included a projector, a large mirror and a table covered in plastic table cloth for painting. 

As my Russian is only at a basic level I only stayed during break time and lunch time but could certainly feel the excitement and anticipation as guests arrived on Saturday morning and introduced themselves.
Karina, a former ‘Limassolian’, briefed me on the contents: The first day was based on colours; participants found out about warm and cold colours and which suited which type.
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Soul Art and Soul Food at Mary’s’s opening of Catt Kyriacou’s art exhibit and talk on soul art was a soulful affair - in every way. And a much anticipated one. Catt had been at Mary’s a week before to hang her wonderfully light and gentle work. The energy at Mary’s was absolutely transformed with paintings carrying titles like Pink Angel of Unconditional Love, Hope, Awakening Aphrodite, Regaining Balance...  gracing the walls.
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