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Elves and Fairies at Mary’s

This Thursday we got to enjoy a truly magical event at Mary’s  - an event that ‘just happened’ – on quite short notice. An acquaintance had asked me to help promote the upcoming Cyprus concerts (Dec 19-28) of the group Ann’Sannat with the renowned Hungarian harpist Alizbar Telyn which she is organizing.
I  was intrigued and agreed immediately. Harp music being something so soft and beautiful I knew that we were in for a treat, an escape during this busy time of year. And escape we did – into a world of fairies as for Alizbar the music of his Celtic harp is the music of fairies. His songs have titles like ‘Dwarf’s song in the hobbit hole’, ‘Out of time fairy tale’, ‘Fairy of melted snow’.
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A good reason for a party - launching a network

Saturday featured another almost ‘spur-of-the-moment event’. I had not spent a lot of time planning the launch party of Mary’s Network - simply because I didn’t know when I was going to be ready for it logistically. My network as such had been ready for a long time... for years actually as it has been growing steadily, drawing in more and more old and new friends connecting with each other.
Many other things have also been pointing me into the direction of creating this more formal framework. My new, much larger home for one has proven to be a perfect move - literally - opening the doors to many more new people and events, providing spare rooms which I am able to make available to members whenever needed.
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Weighing gains in FOREX trading instead of cooking ingredients

This Friday saw an event that had been suggested only a short while ago by dinner club regular Oliver who has recently started offering his services as ‘Trading coach Oli’ online and has been getting great feedback from traders.

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Balancing the flavours of the soul

Even though there was food this Saturday morning -
there always is at Mary’s - the main focus was on our spiritual wellbeing rather than on culinary delights.
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Tea party a-la Ritz, an art auction and a great cause

boyiadsisSunday’s event had required a fair amount of reparation on several fronts - new challenges and a new success: things for our afternoon charity tea a-la-Ritz with an art auction in support of the Association of Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family worked out really well.

Local and international artists had generously donated their pieces of art for the silent auction which were carefully arranged ahead of time by one of the organizers, Anna Georghallides. There were paintings, a quilt, framed photographs, hand painted pillow cases, handmade jewellery and cards...
I had set up two tables for tea and a friends and regular dinner club guest had kindly agreed to help me with the baking. Being Austrian I had actually never been or a ‘cream tea’ or ‘high tea’ as these traditional British events are also called. I had also never eaten, or baked scones.
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Enjoying cocktails of a different kind - Kefir, Kombucha and Aloe Vera


During this Sunday’s event the focus was not of food but on drinks – ‘super drinks’ to be precise. We had Counsellor of Natural Nutrition/Naturopathy, Bioenergy and Holistic Therapist Panayiota Papalouka giving a talk on the healing powers of Kefir, Aloe Vera and Kombucha. Panyiota has in-depth knowledge of all of them and has been producing her own organically for a long time; she is using them successfully in her therapies.
The guests who had signed up had already tried at least one of the drinks and brought along great interest in the subject matter. They did not hesitate to have a ‘shot’ of fresh aloe vera juice - bright green and not too pretty with bits of the plant floating in it, it actually tasted quite nice thanks to the acacia honey used in it.
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Sunday morning with fairies, mooncats and unicorns

Sunday’s art exhibit with Kate Fensom was an event I’d been looking forward to for so long, and an event that we’d been ‘meaning to’ organize for even longer. In the end it of course worked out the way it was ‘meant to be’ - perfectly. I had been admiring Kate’s work online ever since we’d met at an exhibition in her hometown Paphos several years ago and was ecstatic at the thought of her beautiful fairytale work gracing my walls.
The artist arrived in Limassol  early to give us time to get ready for the event, schedule for 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. It was a gloriously warm morning that felt more like spring than autumn as we started what was to be a most perfect day, happily chatting and arranging my bright and sunny living room - Kate in charge of the paintings, sets of cards, puzzles.... me of the tables, coffee cups, cake plates...
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Bach flower remedies, human resources and art

And yet another weekend of a wonderfully eclectic selection of events. On Friday we learned about the benefits of using homeopathic, plant essence based Bach flower remedies, on Saturday we got tips on a healthy working environment and on Sunday we got to dwell in wonderfully mystical art.
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