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Money talk and Swiss food


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Ujjayi breathing, yoga, and a healthy Sunday brunch

marys dinner club

Sunday’s introduction to yoga had us all - those with previous experience in yoga and those without - waiting in anticipation. We’ve formed a sort of ‘Kate Fensom fan club’ here in Limassol for our teacher. Kate had been at Mary’s exhibiting her enchanting art and doing her first impromptu poetry reading for us, then returning for a poetry event and now for an introduction to yoga.  I was jokingly saying to her ‘You could just have us stand on our heads for an hour and we’d still love you’.  


Kate’s wonderful character and shining personality make her the perfect teacher. Knowing her dreamy art of fairytales and imaginary creatures makes her explanations and demonstrations of yoga postures seem even more effortless. Just like for the poetry reading, we had the honor of being ‘firsts’ - the first yoga group since Kate usually teaches individuals. There were eight of us - all of slightly different levels, but all of equal enthusiasm and eagerness to learn. Our teacher’s initial slight nervousness did not bother us at all, on the contrary, her honest way of telling us about it made her even more endearing.


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Networking over Lebanese favorites and small business start up advice

marys dinner clubFriday’s third Get-Together of Mary’s Network was another successful and generously sponsored event - always a treat for me as I get to ‘hang out’ more. Especially this time as it was over Lebanese food, featuring my favorite dish - Manoushe Zaatar - a thin pizza brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with a thyme-spice mix. Middle Eastern food is popular in general and certainly had our attention on Friday. 

Manoushe Lebanese Food & Bakery had sent us wonderfully arranged trays of their different kinds of food - Manoushe Zaatar, Manoushe Lahmatzoun, Manoushe chilli, Manoushe spinach and Manoushe Halloumi, Pizza, Kibbeh, Falafel and Fatoush - a true Middle Eastern feast! Even their desserts were included for guests to try - their Mahalabiya, Katayef and Walnut and Anari Shabiat.
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"Konbanwa" - Japanese food and cultural insights at Mary’s

So the food at Friday’s Japanese evening was... obviously... Japanese, provided by my friend Maria Antoniou-Kasapi who has recently opened the sushi take away ‘Umami Sushi and Noodles’ in Kiti, Larnaca district. The place is located on Archebishop Makarios street and has been running successfully, sartisfying the sushi cravings of Larnace citizens. It was an honor for us to get to try Maria's creations.
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Insights into cosmetic acupuncture and an Asian feast

marys dinner clubI obviously love all my events - they are all totally different from each other - every time! Friday’s introduction to cosmetic acupuncture with Chinese herbalist and acupuncture therapist Christina Kylilis felt - and was - very special in yet another new way! Several ladies had expressed interest in the event quite a while back when they first heard about the existence of this ‘interesting alternative’ to Botox. 

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'Wild Cooking' at Mary's

miranda tringisFriday’s event had required quite some planning on my part – especially on my part because I’m not much the type for ‘wild cooking’ which is exactly why we had gotten Miranda Tringis from Cyherbia Organic Herbs of Cyprus to teach us. But still, I had to have some food ready. So I had hit the local farmers market and just bought everything green and ‘wild looking’ I could get my hands on. The famers were as always lovely and tried to be helpful, but mostly I was told to boil and eat those greens with ‘oliver oil’ and lemon juice. 

I was having visions of my guests in front of great bowls of ‘greens’ served with olive oil and lemon juice - probably not a real winner, even with fans of ‘wild ingredients’. So I got my camera out and sent the pictures of my ‘wild purchase’ to Miranda. Being the walking botanical encyclopaedia she is, she sent back names and cleaning/cooking instructions right away.
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Mary’s turns classroom ‘Welcome chatterboxes’!

mary's dinner clubOn Wednesday we enjoyed a totally new event - a cocktail party for my adult English students from our ‘Chatterbox’ conversation class at Interlead Foreign Language Centre. The idea was to help students of English feel comfortable in a social setting using the language by inviting them to a cocktail party that welcomed the same number of native/fluent English speakers. And comfortable they were - and also very brave!
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Networking over gourmet sandwiches at Mary’s

Having been planned as a monthly event, Friday’s Second Mary’s Network Get-Together had had quite a few sign-ups initially, but as temperatures kept dropping and the carnival parties around town rising, these numbers went down again. As always I decided ‘It’ll be fine whichever way it works out’ and so it was - we ended up having an absolutely brilliant time.  

In the end there were ten of us, and as always, there was some lovely ‘reconnecting’ of people who had met elsewhere before. I was actually quite happy that some of the guests were not your typical ‘business networkers’, but fascinating retirees instead with a great sense of humor and of course lots of ‘connections’ and useful info to share. Beautiful proof of what I like to repeat ‘Networking will ALWAYS occur in one form or another when open-minded people meet’.
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