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Psychology for good parenting and Dim Sum making - a productive weekend

mary's dim sum

This weekend saw two events at Mary’s - very different and both very enjoyable. On Friday I had the honor of welcoming several members of the very active group ‘Mums in Cyprus’ with an equally active and  informative website - always featuring many activities for mums and kids. We had organized events together before and this time I had suggested a guest speaker with a relevant topic - coach and innate health practitioner Tatev Petrosyan speaking on the psychology of good parenting.
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Cooking with fresh herbs at Mary's Dinner Club

marys dinner club

This Saturday marked Dinner Club number 151 'Pairing herbs with food workshop with Miranda Tringis' - a very special number as Dinner Club 150 took place quite a while ago and after a short break I am ‘back home’ hosting my dinners in my private apartment. It feels really nice to be in that ‘living room setting’ again, especially as I now have a very spacious living room... spacious and with a layout that seems to be made for dinner clubs.

Most guests had actually seen my new home online, but still, without exception they stepped through that doorway with a big ‘Wow’ on their lips! How wonderful to get so much confirmation of your choice! It was a perfect one!
The setup for the event had taken me much longer than usual, not because of the size of the space, but because of my admiration for it - I kept walking up and down the hall, the living room, pacing the kitchen in awe mumbling phrases including words like, amazing, unreal, so perfect...
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Hawaiian Dinner Club the Vegan Way

art bistro agora

This Saturday’s ‘Hawaiian Dinner the Vegan Way with Dietician Anna Cortesi’ started off in an especially exciting way - with a video shoot by Costas Voniatis from Studio Voniatis. We had arranged the brand new prep kitchen of Art Bistro Agora to be at its most photogenic and I had set out the ingredients for our starter, a tropical salad, out in pretty little bowls.     

Everyone arrived on time and soon we were ready for our traditional round of introductions, enjoying the breeze of the ceiling fans and well chilled sparkling wine. Nationalities this time included: British, French, Italian, German, Israeli, Russian and Cypriot. Some guest had attended a dinner club before, some had even met before and some were totally new, but immediately integrated into the ever-growing family of dinner club fans. The introductions were fascinating and great fun with everyone being in a very relaxed and playful mood, ready for a new experience.  

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - Austrian Dinner Club and Birthday Treat

mary's dinner clubSaturday’s Austrian Dinner Club at Art Bistro Agora was really a belated birthday treat for myself - I had celebrated ‘my special day’ on Thursday. The drinks on the day itself at the same venue had been absolutely lovely with many dear friends stopping by my new venue. I enjoyed catching up, sipping sparkling wine and nibbling on chips.

On Saturday it was time for something more substantial and as I told some friends, in Austria we eat Goulash year round, hot or cold out. Goulash with dumplings to me is always a special treat even though considered quite ‘common’ food back home, to me it’s a real birthday meal. To the guests it was also a treat and both the vegetarian potato version and the beef version were much appreciated.

I had been undecided about starters and when my physics teacher from looong ago with whom I have recently reconnected asked via Facebook about it I told him so.

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - All About Dinner Clubs

mary dinner clubWith Mary’s Dinner Clubs having moved to a ‘new playground’ - Art Bistro Agora in the center of Limassol - there has been lots of new interest, yes, curiosity even, about dinner clubs by those who ‘have been hearing about them’.

Dinner Clubs - or Supper Clubs - are also known as "pop-up" restaurants or "underground dining", and are essentially part-time restaurants, that are often held in people's homes or other, sometimes temporary, venues that are not normally used as a restaurant. Because of the usually relatively low number of participants, dinner clubs create a more intimate atmosphere and are great for meeting new people.

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - A New Chapter As MDC Goes Bistro

art bistro agoraThe last week and weekend did not see a dinner club, but were still filled with food thoughts – lots of them, in many new shapes and forms, mainly of logistical nature. Mary’s Dinner Club’s move to its new ‘playground’ Art Bistro Agora which will open in the center of Limassol in July requires lots of thinking and planning.

Starting a new business is an exciting venture - at times also overwhelming, but exciting at all times. With the growing success of my small and informal dinners and the truly amazing expansion of my network I had been thinking for a while that I ‘should do something’. I had just never considered running a restaurant until my current business partner Ajit Bubber approached me to ask if I’d like to manage a restaurant he was planning to take over.

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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - Memory Lane & Future Plans

art bistro agoraNot hosting dinner clubs during the month of June is giving me the opportunity to go over past events, pictures, recipes in preparation for our new venture in July. During the past 150 events in the last 3 years we’ve not only covered cuisines of the entire globe but also been lucky to have some amazing guest speakers and performers who have made our dining experience even more exciting.

Often the menu was planned to compliment their talk. The fact that many of them attracted guests with similar interests made the experience even more rewarding with innumerable new friendships being formed over mutual interests, believes and passions.

The list is long, and I have liaised with many more wonderful people whom I’ve had the honor of connecting with through this amazing network. Here a list by category of those who have spoken/ held workshops at/with Mary’s (sincerely hoping not to have overlooked anyone).

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Mary's Dinner Club - Delicious Recollections of 150 Dinners

cyprus blog Last Saturday was not spent cooking my food, but poring over its origins, trying to remember what made me choose it, where I found it, who or what inspired me to make it and wondering what made certain dishes so popular...

And since I am planning to offer my food on a different/more frequent basis very soon I went through all the favourites. First you’ll remember the most frequently prepared ones of course - for some of them I know they are a sure-fire success - every time. There not being any leftovers whatsoever even though I always calculate for a few extra is usually a dead giveaway.

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