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Green Cyprus: Can You Be Green On A Shoestring?

green cyprusLiving a green and organic lifestyle is generally perceived as being rather expensive. I guess it figures that organic food costs more to produce as do ecologically-sound household products.

There must, like me, be a large number of people who would be prepared to pay a bit more for green products, but the problem especially here in Cyprus as many of us have experienced, is that the cost is generally not just a bit more, but a lot more!

Green Cyprus: A Green Bridge Over Troubled Water

green cyprusWith the recent economic turbulence, staying optimistic about the future is a challenge. Still too early to tell how badly the effects of the bailout will hit us, it may seem as though we are drifting from day to day in a state of limbo. This uncertain state of affairs perhaps casts a shadow over green issues relating to Cyprus while we dwell on what has happened and ponder over what the future is going to be following the economic collapse.

Green Cyprus: Dreaming Of A Green Christmas!

green cyprusI think we can confidently predict that we won’t be having a white Christmas this year in Cyprus. Sadly for snow-lovers, the weather is beyond our control, however, we can opt for a green one instead! That’s of course green in the environmentally-friendly sense. Taking steps towards a greener Christmas is about being responsible and something we should all really be taking on board.

Green Cyprus: A Few Of My Favourite (Green) Things


If you’re familiar with the Green Cyprus website and have become a friend on Facebook, you’ll be aware that since its inception, the aim has been to pool together all things green, organic and eco-friendly. This puts me in constant touch with new green products and services on the Cyprus market.

Since it has been a while since I last put together a recommendations list, I felt it was time an update was due and so here we are!

Green Cyprus Participates In Let's Do It Cyprus

let's do it cyprusSaturday 29th September was World Clean-Up Day 2012 and Cyprus was one of many countries that participated in this campaign under the banner of ‘Let’s Do It Cyprus’. Several months ago, after Green Cyprus first got to hear about Let’s Do It Cyprus, as firm believers in the social and economic benefits of ‘cleaning and greening up our act’, I decided to back the campaign and get together a group of volunteers who would clean up a specified location.

Green Cyprus: Blown Away

green cyprusA Green Cyprus friend contacted me recently to complain about the number of plastic bags used by a well known retailer and that they they had written to the management to complain about it. It’s not the first time I have been contacted in connection with this matter; it crops up time and time again and for this reason, I felt it was time we had a say on this issue.

The over-use of plastic bags by many of the retail establishments in Cyprus is astonishing and I for one, am blown away by the huge numbers that are handed to customers, especially by the supermarkets.

Green Cyprus: Back to School The Greener Way

green cyprusNow that the school summer holidays are drawing to an end and the days are getting shorter, many children and parents are starting to get ready to go back to school. Going back to school is an exciting time because everything's new; teachers, fellow students, books and miscellaneous supplies. However, before setting off for the shops, take stock and think twice about jumping on the ‘back to school’ bandwagon.

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