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Thought for Today - Respecting Yourself

Respecting yourself is not about the things you do well or the skills you use but understanding about the potential you ARE. Comprehending the enormous power you have when you let go of the limited thoughts of your mind brings you the freedom of your radiant Spirit.

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Thought for Today - Life is a Reflection of Your Choices

Don't excuse yourself by blaming someone else, take responsibility for your actions and understand that what you call a setback or a problem in your life is just there to challenge you to make better choices.

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Thought for Today - from Reaction to Action

Your feelings and emotions are the activators to get you into action. Your body shows your deep beliefs and conditioning about what you think is right, true, unfair and frustrating when it reactions on what happens. Those emotional beliefs you have, you have learned as a child and stay a lifelong with you.

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Thought for Today - The More You Know...

The more you know the more freedom you have to think and interpretate what's going on, in other words; knowledge is power. But how sure are you that what you know is true. How much power has social media and all it's information in your life?

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Thought for Today - Your Search for Happiness

Your search for happiness shows your thought of fear not being it. Your constant demand for it takes your attention away from this moment and you forget that happiness is just a decision. To be happy is to know yourself.

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Thought for Today - Challenge Your Ideas

Your ideas about justice and honesty in this world are based on the conditionings you have learned to see as true/ real, 'civilized' as you think you are, just now.

When the rules of civilization change, ideas about how to be behave change, and your thoughts about what is right or wrong, bad or good also change accordingly your new rules.

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Thought for Today - Stop Asking, Start Experiencing

Happiness comes when you give up hope as all human suffering comes from hope. As long as you hope for something, you don't have it in your life. As long as you hope to receive what you want, you delay your happiness with the expectation that it has to be provided now.

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Thought for Today - How Many Dreams Do You Have?

How many dreams do you have and how much do you trust this world to fulfill your desires. Do you believe in abundance or are you complaining about what you don't get? As long as you expect, want and hope, all of your dreams will not manifest as they are awaiting your faith, inspiration and dedication.

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