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Thought for Today - Dare to Explore

Your life depends on the opportunities you are able to see, the courage you have to use them and the power you feet your actions with. Life is about discovering what you are able to do and dare to explore.

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Thought for Today - It's All Up to You

As long as you want to find the truth about your existence, you forget that All exist in the awareness of your own Being. Nothing is there when you are not there, you give value and presence to All what is and the more you are aware the better you understand that you are always in control, giving importance or not to All that you let unfold in your life.

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Thought for Today - What is Fear?

What are your fears and are they real. Where are they built on and how do you deal with them? Realize that your fears are based on the things you have learned to believe to be 'true', your conditioning and upbringing in a certain community trains you to have fear so you behave and obey the rules of that group.

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Thought for Today - Being Curious is Creating

It's not as much about 'learning' but about being curious and using your imagination what will develop a greater view, expanding your knowledge and deepening your wisdom.

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Thought for Today - Each Experience Makes You Wiser

When you think you don't have time enough, get earlier out of bed and do your unfinished tasks. If things seems difficult remind yourself that practice and repetition will make it simple. Your 'can't' and 'don't' initiate failure while everything you 'want to do' holds your hopes and expectations.

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Thought for Today - Avoid A Life of Regrets

Avoid a life full of regrets but live it with attention to all what you have and all what you may do. Count your blessings today, simply be grateful for your circumstances even when you think they are not ideal.

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Thought for Today - You Are Unlimited Potential

All the courses and workshops promising you wealth and happiness, are a waste of your time when you don't persevere in following your dreams, being determined to reach your goal whatever happens.

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Thought for Today - Accept and Receive

Don't 'try' to do things, but 'do' them, don't 'hope' but be determines to succeed as when you 'try' and 'hope' you send out a message in which you believe there is space for failure.

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