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Thought for Today - Only You Can Solve Your Problems

All the conflicts and problems you experience in life show the power you have. They are the driving force to use your creativity and leads to a greater connection with yourself. You only can sort out your own problems and all the additional help you maybe get will not take away the work you have to do to gain the insights and the understanding of the hidden dynamics of all your feelings and emotions.

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Thought for Today - Stop Procrastinating or Making Excuses

All your actions and thoughts in life are leading to a certain outcome whether you like it or not. One deed leads to another and when you don't make an effort to change what you don't like you will end up with more of what you resist.

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Thought for Today - Take Care of Yourself

The way you take care of yourself represents what you think you deserve. When you can't spoil yourself of or give yourself the best you will be always searching for someone to give you what you don't give to yourself. When you look for someone to love you, to make you complete, to feel special, you forget that you are all of that.

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Thought for Today - Peace Is the Ingredient That Calms Your Mind

There is no space for peace in your mind when your life is filled with fear or anger of not being loved. Peace is the ingredient which brings balance, calming your mind in which you realize that it's not about reaching your personal goals like buying the car you always wanted, or getting the jewelry, job or house you wished for as feeling loved has nothing to do with eliminating your wishes or feeling safe with what you have but all about the care and respect you have for yourself.

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Thought for Today - Remember you Are Perfect, Whole, Complete

When you look for solutions you still think you have a problem. When you want to be rich, enlightened or wise you have forgotten that you ARE all of those things.

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Thought for Today - Lay Down Your Burden of Complaints

How many times a day do you complain about the same person, be aware that he or she is following you your whole day. Do you feel as if someone is making your life miserable, be sure that you take that person where ever you go.

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Thought for Today - Expand Your Awareness

Everything that you call 'true' is in itself a limitation as it keeps the idea of 'false' alive. You live your own reality of what you think to be true and keep yourself imprisoned in your limited and conditioned thoughts until you discover that you can change your mind by simply believing that you have that freedom and ability.

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