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Thought for Today - How Safe Do You Feel?

You are living a life and everything what you do in it makes it a 'good, hard challenging' or a 'bad' life. Your actions and ideas about how you live it are all coming from how 'safe' you feel. Those two words; safe and secure, carry the seeds of fear that something out there can harm you or make you unhappy when you stop taking risks ,or lose the courage to discover and explore.

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Thought for Today - Have Faith

Today do not look for the answers in your life as they make you narrow minded. Have faith today and realize that everything in your life is just experience, there is no good or bad in it and what you call 'difficult' at this moment in your life, is your greatest teacher.

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Thought for Today - Observe Yourself Without Judgement

You can only change things in your life when you are aware about the way you do or approach things now. Are you conscious about what and how you do things. Have you lately observed or ask yourself if you can improve or want to change your behavior, points of views or actions?

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Thought for Today - Are You Listening Carefully?

How wonderful will it be when someone is really listening to you without interfering or the need to express their own points of view? Do you know your reasons to make conversation or how you listen to someone else. Are you listening carefully what people say or are you already formulating your own opinion.

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Thought for Today - Today is a Gift

How different will you live today when you know it will be your last day in this world. Will you continue doing the things you always do. Are you satisfied and content about your performance, your decisions and actions. Or will you realize that your fears are keeping you away of exploring your dreams, wasting your time, worrying for safety and security to keep what you even don't like anymore.

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Thought for Today - Take Control of Your Mind

Every time you worry, you give your power and control away. Every time your thoughts are keeping you from peace and harmony you forget that you are the Master of your mind. The only thing you may do to take control again is to return to the moment NOW.

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Thought for Today - Make Your Dreams Come True

Don't only dream but make your dreams come true. Don't wait for others to make your life perfect but get into action to get better results.

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Thought for Today - Improve Your Own Performance

To live a fulfilling life, always improve your own performance. It's not a matter of being better or more important than someone else but recognizing where you can expand your thinking and be more creative.

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