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Anti-Tank Rocket Used to Murder Crime Boss Guard - Arrests Made

alexoui cyprus

(Edited) In a shocking new development in the highly-publicised criminal career of Alexis Mavromichalis - aka Alexoui - his guard 28-year-old Stefanos Papadopoulos was murdered with an anti-tank rocket fired at his car in Nicosia late at night on February 17th. In the latest developments, two suspects have been arrested and will appear in Nicosia criminal court, said police.

Police Investigate Arson in Bank of Cyprus CEO Hourican's Car

john houricanPolice are investigating a case of suspected arson in Bank of Cyprus CEO John Hourican's car, which was set ablaze last night outside his home in Strovolos, Nicosia.

The police and fire department were called in at 3:10 in the morning, and found two cars engulfed in flames. One belongs to Hourican and the other to a neighbor.

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Thought for Today - Becoming One with the Universe

To understand eternity, divinity and awareness you have to start thinking out of the box .The conditioned mind can only realize it's own limitation of not fully comprehending those principles in time and space when it may give freedom to new ideas and change. Everything is just what you think it is and that means that you are the source to allow the potential of All to unfold.

Eurogroup Debt Wrangling Continues - Greeks Complain of Blackmail

Greek Economic Spokesman Efklides Tsakalotos said that overnight negotiations did not go well with the Eurogroup, and Greece's Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis faced 'naked power and blackmail' from Eurogroup chief Joeren Djisselbloem.

"As you may have heard things did not go well. There was a compromise deal agreed to by Draghi, Lagarde and Moscovici. But it was sunk by Djisselbloem, presumably on German pressure. In the eurogroup meeting and the subsequent press conference, there was little help from either Lagarde or Moscovici.

Bank of Cyprus Drops Interest Rates by 1%

cyprus interest ratesBank of Cyprus said it was dropping basic interest rates across the board by 1 percent, from an average of 8 percent for household and consumer loans and 4.75 percent for home loans.

As of March 1st, non-performing loans will also receive a 2 percent interest rate reduction, and there will be no paperwork involved. Red tape has reached nightmarish proportions in the wake of the banking crash, in which Laiki Bank was shut down and through no fault of their own, up to 60% of depositors' money was exchanged for bank shares in Bank of Cyprus.

Jazz Arts & Communications Launches Content-Writing Services for FX and Binaries.

forex articlesOnline marketing communications consultant Sarah Fenwick - the co-founder of - has announced new content-writing services offered by her company Jazz Arts & Communications. Based on her 12-year experience in the field and background in marketing, journalism and economics, Sarah and team provide insightful, expert articles and editing services on market-moving topics for media in the international financial services industry.  

“As FX and binary companies look to educating their existing and future clients, we see an opportunity to fulfill their daily content needs in a quality and expert way to help them build authority in the trading markets’ eyes,” says Mrs. Fenwick. 

Undersea Pipeline From Cyprus Gas Field to Egypt? New Deal

The government has made a new deal for more energy cooperation with Egypt and signed a memorandum of understanding that could see a gas pipeline built from the Aphrodite natural gas field to Egypt.

Aspen Morris Wins UK Law Firm of the Year for Intl Law - Interview

London-based law firm Aspen Morris Solicitors have been named “UK Law Firm of the Year for International Law” by Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2015. CNR caught up with busy managing partner Peter Petrou, who originates from Cyprus, to give us his insights about starting a law firm from scratch.

1. You left a secure job to start your own law firm, what gave you the confidence to take such a big step?

PP: I had previously worked at large International Law Firms and was fortunate enough to have obtained very good experience working on several multi-million and billion-dollar transactions for large corporate clients.

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