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How Can the Government Improve the Economy?

5 Ways to Survive Driving on the Roads in Cyprus

cyprus roadsI must admit, I've been boring my friends to tears with constant admonitions to 'drive carefully', followed up by a dose of 'there are some crazy drivers out there', so in the interests of leaving them in peace for a while, I've decided to bother you, dear reader, instead :-)

Without further introductions, here are five ways to survive the daily mad rush to the next traffic light.

Central Bank Employees Strike Over Credibility Downgrade

cyprus newsEmployees of the Central Bank of Cyprus who are members of the banking union ETYK are holding a one-hour strike at 11am today to protest the loss of credibility as an independent institution.

The strike comes in the wake of a new scandal involving Central Bank Governor Chrystalla Yiorgadjis and members of parliament.

Noble Energy to Declare Cyprus Gas Deposits as Commercially Viable - Minister

cyprus gas

US giant Noble Energy is about to declare Cyprus' natural gas deposit as commercially viable in the next few weeks, said Energy Minister George Lakkotrypis.

It is "very important for Cyprus, because it will be the first time that, as a country, we will pass from the stage of exploration for hydrocarbons to the stage of development and exploitation of hydrocarbons", said the minister.

Window for Reunification Talks to Restart - Eide

eide cyprusThere seems to be a window for reunification talks to restart after April 6th when Turkey's NAVTEX warning ends, said UN envoy Barth Espen Eide after his meeting with President Nicos Anastasiades in Nicosia today.

The Cyprus problem has remained unsolved for decades and now is a real opportunity to solve it, he said, adding that he is more optimistic this time around.

Q&A with Women Leaders - YinAlithea Women's Conference II

penelope magoulianitiAhead of YinAlithea, a women's conference on March 21st at the Elias Beach Hotel in Limassol, we caught up with many of the 15 speakers who will be present at the event. Tickets can be booked here.

We asked the organisers Penelope Magoulianiti and Heleniq Argyrou to answer three questions in fewer than three sentences, to get their concentrated words of wisdom on the status of women's roles in politics, academia, arts, spirituality and a great variety of other topics. In this series, Nadia Karayianni shares her tips on succeeding in business.

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"Konbanwa" - Japanese food and cultural insights at Mary’s

So the food at Friday’s Japanese evening was... obviously... Japanese, provided by my friend Maria Antoniou-Kasapi who has recently opened the sushi take away ‘Umami Sushi and Noodles’ in Kiti, Larnaca district. The place is located on Archebishop Makarios street and has been running successfully, sartisfying the sushi cravings of Larnace citizens. It was an honor for us to get to try Maria's creations.

Recession Hits Animal Shalter Donations Hard, Q&A with Paphiakos Shelter

paphiakosEveryone must respect animals even if the recession is hitting hard, is the main message from Paphiakos animal shelter, a charity dedicated to helping stray animals. Read more about the organisation in a CNR Q&A.

1. When was the Paphiakos animal shelter started and how many animals does it house?

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