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The beauty of Austrians, their cakes, their photography

Sunday’s event was created ‘on a whim’ when a fellow Austrian told me she wanted to launch her photography business Conny Kasparis Photgraphy specializing in people photography and natural portraits. We came up with a ‘plan’ right there and then. She was only free on Sundays, we both like baking Austrian cakes... The event ‘Austrian Kaffee & Kuchen with a complimentary portrait by Conny Kasparis’ was born.
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Astrology and pumpkins for Halloween

What an amazing variety of events we got to enjoy this weekend - and yes, I do mean ‘we’ as several guests actually attended two events and one couple even all three - an introduction to astrology, a cocktail party and clothes shopping and an Austrian coffee and cake afternoon with a free portrait.  That’s in part thanks to my new home - super spacious and yet cosy. So perfect – people feel right at home!
We thus kicked off the weekend with Friday’s Introduction to Astrology with Al Davidian - an event which had seen quite a few bookings from the very beginning  - it appears to be a topic that continuous to have many wonder about how it actually ‘works’. So much so, that despite the early 7:30 start, everybody was right on time and literally jumped for a spot on my big couches the moment I suggested we settled down.

Turkish-Cypriot Leader Rejects Removal of Turkish Oil Exploration Vessels Around Cyprus

Turkish-Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu has rejected the UN's proposal to remove the Turkish seismic research vessel from Cyprus' Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), saying that 'Turkey's prestige is higher than the prestige of South Cyprus', amid heightened tensions and the threat of a confrontation at sea.

When Will Turkey Drag Itself Into The 21st Century?

I just read an article published on Anadolu state 'news' agency that made me realise Turkey is even further behind the times than I thought. The article is about the quarrel over oil-and-gas exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea around Cyprus, and says that Turkey hasn't declared an Exclusive Economic Zone because 'of the Aegean'.

Accusations of Nepotism Fly Between President Anastasiades and Central Banker

President Nicos Anastasiades said he was not informed by Central Bank chief, Chrystalla Yiorgadjis, about a close family relative of hers who worked for disgraced former head of Laiki Bank Andreas Vgenopoulos, whose bank closed down after borrowing nine billion euros from the European Central Bank in emergency funds.

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Thought for Today - What Can You Do Today to Improve Your Life?

Just this moment think of what you can do to improve your life, how you can be more successful or happy. Just today act with this thought in mind as only this moment now needs your intention to follow up with what you are able to think about, inspiring it!

The Week Video News - November 2-9, 2014

Turkey Relentless in Pursuit of Hydrocarbons Around Cyprus

erdogan cyprus oil gasTurkey's national council has decided to fly in the face of international law and condemnation from Egypt, France, and Italy - and relentlessly continue with its incursions into the island's Exclusive Economic Zone, where energy giants from the US, Israel, France, Korea and Italy are exploring and exploiting natural gas under contract with the Republic of Cyprus.

After the longest meeting in its history - over 10 hours - the national council agreed to take all necessary measures to protect its 'rights' as a guarantor nation to the Turkish Cypriots.

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