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Regional Roundup - Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Libya

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After beheading Syrian archaeologist Khaled Asaad in Palmyra, ISIS has destroyed an ancient temple in the UNESCO World Heritage site by blowing it up, and is in the process of looting precious artefacts, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Syria devolved into a bloody civil war after the 2012 uprisings against President Bashar al-Assad, with ISIS launching an attack to create an Islamic state in Syria and Iraq, and the UK launching air attacks against it from Cyprus.

Wing of Invasion-Era Noratlas Military Aircraft Found

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A team of experts specialising in military excavations has uncovered the wing of an invasion-era Nord Noratlas transport plane in Makedonitisa, Nicosia. The plane was part of a 15-plane covert Hellenic Air Force operation during the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus and was shot down by friendly fire on July 22nd as it was landing in Nicosia Airport.

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Thought for Today - Take Your Creativity Seriously

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Remember that you are Spiritual Being living a human life… always! All your actions are ‘spiritual’ actions and all your deeds and decisions are unfolding in this world of duality in the way you give it your attention and value (consciously or not). You are the one in charge, manifesting all that’s in your life, so it’s worth the trouble today to look into it, asking yourself if you do the best job ever for yourself.

Baby Giant Pandas Born into Celebrity - Video

Two new-born pandas at the Smithsonian's National Zoo have been born into celebrity as hundreds of thousands view their mother giving birth after being artificially inseminated in April 2015. You can see their progress on Instagram by following #PandaStory.

Second-quarter Govt. Deficit Widens to 12.2 mn y/y

cyprus deficitThe government deficit for the second quarter of 2015 widened to 12.2 million on an annual basis, compared to a surplus of 16.8 million in the same quarter last year, said the Cyprus Statistical Service.

Government revenue was 1.629 billion euros, a 1.4 percent increase compared to last year, and spending was 1.641 billion, a 3.3 percent increase. The main sources of revenue were taxes on production and imports, of which VAT was 354.1 million euros, and taxes on income and wealth, which decreased by 6.7 percent to 274.6 million euros, according to the latest official statistics.

At Home with Pets – Naser: His Story

animal welfare cyprusOn Saturday evening we had to finally help our sweet Naser to Rainbow Bridge. He was such a special pup with a huge character and I want to share his story with you. Two years ago we were helping to run an animal shelter when I received a message on Facebook from a lady who said she had heard of an old dog of 15 years who was going to be abandoned by a hunter as he was too old to carry out his duties and could I help. If I said yes she would convince the hunter to hand him over. The photo she sent me was of a miserable beagle/basset pup with a wound on his left leg. Naser arrived confused, traumatised and limping from arthritis. After 15 years of loyal service, locked in a cage all his life, he had simply been chucked out for no longer being useful.

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