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TOTAL's Future in Cyprus Hydrocarbon Search Remains Uncertain

total gas cyprusFrench energy giant TOTAL's future in the search for hydrocarbons in the seas around Cyprus remains uncertain, although Attorney-general Costas Clerides said that an amendment to the company's contract with the government can be made, and there were reassurances from Energy Minister George Lakkotrypis that there could be a deal to explore Plot 11.

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Thought for Today - Challenges Are Opportunities to Outperform

Do you want your life to be easy, smooth and simple, wishing that all will come your way without making a huge effort? Maybe you are just afraid of being challenged not believing that you are capable of great achievements. It seems very normal in this world to hope for the easy way out but does it make you a better person, alert, powerful or content?

High Levels of Dust in Atmosphere - Labour Ministry Warns of Health Hazard

air pollution dust cyprus

The levels of dust in the atmosphere have shot up from a range of 37-87mg/cubic metre to a range of 94- 213mg/cubic metre and people are advised to stay indoors because of the risk to respiratory health, said the ministry of labour.

Outdoor workers should wear protective masks and outdoor exercise should be avoided until the dust cloud has passed.

February 28th - Deadline for Replacement of Cyprus Airways Tickets

cyprus airways tickets reimburseThe deadline for replacing Cyprus Airways tickets is February 28th, 2015 and no further arrangements will be made after that date, says a government statement.

Travellers with departure dates from February 10th to October 25th, 2015 can contact any Cyprus Tourism Organisation licensed travel agency to get new tickets. After a Cyprus Airways tickets is reissued, passengers will no longer have the right to submit a reimbursement claim to any credit or debit card or travel insurance, says the announcement.

Egyptian Investor Set to Build 220-Million-Euro Ayia Napa Marina

ayia napa marinaEgyptian investor Naguib Sawiris is set to build a 220-million-euro marina in Ayia Napa in a project due to begin in the middle of 2015 and be completed within three years.

Sawiris visited President Nicos Anastasiades, saying: “we were warmly welcomed by the President. We trust his policies and we see how he encourages investments”

The project includes a luxury hotel, villas and apartments.

Greece - The Morning After

tsipras atheist

After the highs of Sunday's elections in Greece, and Monday's victory tour taken by SYRIZA leader and Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, the hangover has set in with the sobering fact that a radical left-wing party has made an alliance with an extreme right-wing party, raising the inevitable questions over how long such a potentially volatile relationship might last.

Suicidal Man Surrenders to Police - Oroklini Armed Man Shoots, Injures Ex-Wife

oroklini man shoots wife(Updated) The man who has locked himself inside a pub in Oroklini after shooting and injuring his wife has surrendered to police and has been taken to the local police station. Earlier, it was reported that he wanted to surrender but is afraid of going to jail and wants his case handled directly by the Legal Services, his lawyer told Sigma TV's Mera Mesimeri programme.

On the afternoon of 26th January, the armed Cypriot man from Oroklini who injured his Moldovan ex-wife in the shoulder and chest after an argument over financial differences  threatened to commit suicide, reported Phileleftheros. The man locked himself inside a bar with a shotgun and refused to come out all afternoon and all night, said police.

Murder Suspect Had High Level of Drugs in System, Say Lawyers

A 17-year-old boy suspected of murdering a 22-year-old English Cypriot in November 2014 has denied premeditated murder, and lawyers say that tests prove he had a very high level of drugs in his system, including cocaine, methamphetamines, cannabis, and prescription pills.

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