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Cyprus Stock Exchange Delists Wargaming Citing Failure to Report Results

The Cyprus Stock Exchange said it has delisted Russian-owned company Wargaming Public Company for failing to submit its 2012/13 financial results report and compromising shareholders' interests.

Pafos Mayoral Elections Set for January 11th, 2015 After Vergas Resigns

Interior Minister Socrates Hasikos said that mayoral elections will be held in Pafos on January 11th, 2015 after Pafos Mayor Savvas Vergas resigned amid corruption allegations.

Deflation Persists in November 2014

Price deflation persisted in November, falling by 0.2 percent compared to 0.5 percent in October, said the Cyprus Statistical Service (CySTAT).

This is mainly due to decreases in the prices of petroleum products, gas, certain fresh fruit and air fares, says the study.

For the period January-November 2014, the CPI recorded a decrease of -1,3% compared to the corresponding period of 2013, said CySTAT.

Electricity Prices To Be Reduced by 1.3 Cents per kWh

Electricity prices are to be reduced by 1.3 cents per kWh due to the fall in international oil prices, according to the head of the energy regulatory authority George Siammas in comments to

Including taxes, Cypriot consumers currently pay an average of 0.24 eurocents per kWh, the highest rate in the EU. Whether the bills go lower remains to be seen, as there are several surcharges such as the fuel surcharge, which are additional to the flat tariff rate. A late payment interest rate of 4.5% is also imposed unilaterally on the customers.

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Thought for Today - What Do You Want from Life?

How clear is it for you what you want from life. Do you know how to explore your potential. What kind of questions do you ask yourself to enhance your awareness about your behavior, opinions and the things you find important ? Are they provoking you to think more deeply?

November Unemployed Rise to 47.603, from 41.334 in October

 The number of unemployed persons rose to 47.603 in November, from an annual low of 41.334 in October, said the Cyprus Statistical Service (CySTAT).

High unemployment is persisting amid the recession and financial crisis triggered in March 2013, when the island's international lenders stepped in to bail out the government.

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Tea party a-la Ritz, an art auction and a great cause

boyiadsisSunday’s event had required a fair amount of reparation on several fronts - new challenges and a new success: things for our afternoon charity tea a-la-Ritz with an art auction in support of the Association of Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family worked out really well.

Local and international artists had generously donated their pieces of art for the silent auction which were carefully arranged ahead of time by one of the organizers, Anna Georghallides. There were paintings, a quilt, framed photographs, hand painted pillow cases, handmade jewellery and cards...
I had set up two tables for tea and a friends and regular dinner club guest had kindly agreed to help me with the baking. Being Austrian I had actually never been or a ‘cream tea’ or ‘high tea’ as these traditional British events are also called. I had also never eaten, or baked scones.

President Anastasiades Says He Will Resign If Ryanair Investigation Proves Conflict of Interest

President Nicos Anastasiades said he will resign as president if an investigation by the Auditor-General's office into his alleged involvement in Ryanair's bid to buy up Cyprus Airways is proven.

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