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Strengthening Gas Cooperation in Mediterranean - Comments by Energy Minister

Energy Minister George Lakkotrypis gave a speech at the first Malta Energy Conference, saying that regional cooperation will lead to energy security in the region. Below is the full text of his speech.

Cyprus Can Do Something To Stop the Fighting in Israel-Palestine - Opinion

This is an appeal for the government to do something about the rising violence in Israel and Palestine.

Civilian deaths have increased sharply in Gaza and the West Bank, which are being heavily bombarded by airstrikes from Israel's superior fire power, and in return, Hamas is firing rockets into Israel, endangering lives there.

Lawmakers Approve Minimum Guaranteed Income of 480 Euros/m

Cyprus lawmakers have set the level of guaranteed minimum income (GMI) at 480 euros per month in a new law which also provides for the payment of interest on housing loans for unemployed or financially struggling families.

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Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU 2014 - Interview

ITALY assumes the Presidency of the Council of the EU on July 1, 2014, for the 12th time, a year of important changes and new beginnings for the European Union. ITALY has assumed the Presidency of the Council of the European Union at a critical transitional juncture for Europe, The ITALIAN Presidency of the EU comes amid significant changes and beginnings, to mark this significant event, Sanjeev Dev Malik, Founder / Editor-In-Chief, Asian News Channel, had an exclusive informal interview with H.E Mr. Daniele Mancini, Ambassador of Italy to India,  the excerpts of  the same are:

Govt Applies for Halloumi Protected Designation of Origin in EU

The Council of Ministers has decided to apply to the European Commission for halloumi to become a protected designation of origin product.

In other decisions, the government approved three new experts needed for the criminal investigation into the financial and economic crash of 2013.

Second Director Resigns from Cyprus Airways Board

Costas Hadjipapas has resigned from Cyprus Airway's board of directors, becoming the second director to step down in less than a week.

The loss-making airline is on the point of closure unless it receives state support, and has sold a number of assets, including its Heathrow slot.

Last Friday, Marios Hadjigavriel submitted his resignation to Finance Minister Haris Georgiades.

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Thought for the Day - Who Do You Have Around You?

What kind of people do you have on a daily base around you, who do you allow so close to be with you every day? Are they your inspiration, do you trust them, are they reflecting your power and creativity? Today, be aware and allow only those who uplift your mood, inspire you to be truly you and are activating your talents to go for the best!

Footballer Fofana's Seven-year-old Son Dies of Malaria in Nicosia

(Edited) Omonia player Ivorian Gaoussou Fofana's seven-year-old boy has died of malaria in Makarios Hospital in Nicosia.

The child slipped away at 4am, July 8th.

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