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Mary's Dinner Club Stories - All About Dinner Clubs

mary dinner clubWith Mary’s Dinner Clubs having moved to a ‘new playground’ - Art Bistro Agora in the center of Limassol - there has been lots of new interest, yes, curiosity even, about dinner clubs by those who ‘have been hearing about them’.

Dinner Clubs - or Supper Clubs - are also known as "pop-up" restaurants or "underground dining", and are essentially part-time restaurants, that are often held in people's homes or other, sometimes temporary, venues that are not normally used as a restaurant. Because of the usually relatively low number of participants, dinner clubs create a more intimate atmosphere and are great for meeting new people.

Jazz in Cyprus - Interview with Double Bass Player Greg Makamian

greg makamian

Interview number two in our series on jazz in Cyprus is with young, upcoming double bass musician Greg Makamian from Larnaca.

SF: As a relative newcomer and rising young jazz musician, what are your impressions of the jazz music scene in Cyprus?

The Week Video News August 10-17, 2014

cyprus news

I am on the childrens' side - a poem for the children of Gaza

i am on the childrens' side.

i am not on the side of violence

or justifications for violence

i am on the little girl's side

the little boy's side

who wake up crying in the explosive dark

Gaza Child Death Toll Rises to 415, Truce Holds

The United Nations reports that 415 children have died so far as a consequence of Israel's invasion of Gaza, as bodies are dug out of the wreckage caused by air strikes and artillery fire from Israeli armed forces.

A 72-hour ceasefire between Hamas militants and the Israeli government is still holding, amid peace negotiations in Cairo.

Jazz Singer Sarah Fenwick Enters Made In New York Jazz Competition - Represents Cyprus

News from Sarah Fenwick
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Sarah Fenwick enters Made In New York Jazz competition. Register and Vote for her entry 'There's Something Missing', an original song from her new duet CD 'Jazz Way' with Marinos Neophytou:



Sarah Fenwick Releases New Video Clip 'Black Orpheus'

Gifted Jazz singer Sarah Fenwick and brilliant guitarist Marinos Neophytou have released a stunning music video for the classic Jazz tune ‘Black Orpheus’ (A Day in the Life of a Fool), composed by Brazilian guitarist Luiz Bonfa.

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