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I reach

I reach                                                                By Juliette Dickstein & Sarah Fenwick
In my deepest, darkest moment I reach out to you
…in silence, (in) stillness.      Alone.

A poem for the soul

Rest in your perfumed sanctuary

Wait til the twilight falls

Soft as a bird's feather breast

Blue as a lost last kiss

Jazz & Blues Singer Sarah Fenwick Releases New Single 'Love's Incurable'

jazz singer cyprus

Renowned jazz and blues singer Sarah Fenwick and brilliant guitarist Marinos Neofytou have released their new blues single 'Love's Incurable' on iTunes. Click here to buy the tune.

Taken from their duet CD 'Jazz Way', the song is an original blues tune in the Delta blues style, stripped down to the bare chords and voice in the genre made famous by the one-and-only US songwriter Robert Johnson.

Featuring lyrics by Sarah Fenwick, and arrangement by Marinos Neofytou, 'Love's Incurable' has the raw smoothness that characterises the duet's sound, which one fan described as being like silk brushing against sandpaper.

Jazz Singer Sarah Fenwick Enters Made In New York Jazz Competition - Represents Cyprus

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Sarah Fenwick enters Made In New York Jazz competition. Register and Vote for her entry 'There's Something Missing', an original song from her new duet CD 'Jazz Way' with Marinos Neophytou:



Sarah Fenwick Releases New Video Clip 'Black Orpheus'

Gifted Jazz singer Sarah Fenwick and brilliant guitarist Marinos Neophytou have released a stunning music video for the classic Jazz tune ‘Black Orpheus’ (A Day in the Life of a Fool), composed by Brazilian guitarist Luiz Bonfa.

Sarah Fenwick & Marinos Neophytou New 'Jazz Way' CD Available Online

jazz sarah fenwick"I'm addicted to your CD."

"I love your CD!"

Jazz fans have embraced Sarah Fenwick and Marinos Neophytou's new CD 'Jazz Way' with open arms, and the CD is now available online.

Click here to listen to a track and order your copy.

Signed CDs of 'Jazz Way' are selling fast.

"I'm addicted to your CD," one jazz fan said in a message to the duet.

Capturing the warm sound of live Jazz is not easy in this age of technology and special sound effects, but Sarah Fenwick and Marinos Neophytou have succeeded by recording their CD 'Jazz Way' live, and preserving the dynamic energy that is so exciting about this beautiful music.

Congratulations to our Bloggers of the Year 2013!

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Congratulations to CyprusNewsReport's Bloggers of the Year 2013!

The winners are:

Mary Anglberger

- Best Food Events Blogger 2013

Sonia Demetriou

(Cyprus on a Plate) - Best Food Author 2013

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