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Morphou Municipality Urges UN Pressure on Turkey

The displaced Municipality of Morphou has submitted a new resolution to the USA, Russia, France, China, the UK High Commission and the EU Permanent Representation bodies in Cyprus, said the Cyprus News Agency today.

The resolution “condemns above all the ongoing Turkish occupation” and reminds the five permanent members of the UN Security Council “of their responsibilities”.

“Indeed, UN have a responsibility for the ongoing violation of human rights in Cyprus,” Pittas said, noting that the Morphou representation during their meetings with the Ambassadors underlined that “the UN SC and its five permanent members are obliged to exert more pressure on the Turkish side to cooperate for a solution of the Cyprus problem”.

Morphou Mayor Charalambos Pittas said that it was " continue the illegal exploitation of our property and to continue the destruction of our cultural heritage."

Morphou was captured by Turkish troops on August 16th, 1974.

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