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Two More Arrests in Limassol Fatal Shooting

Police have arrested two men, aged 20 and 17, for questioning in the case of a fatal shooting of a Limassol woman.

The arrests made on Sunday 23rd were the latest development in the shooting of 68-year-old Chrystalla Photiou, who was shot to death, allegedly by her husband.

On Friday the 21st, the woman was found dead in her front yard and had been shot by husband Costas Photiou with a hunting gun, said police. Another four people were injured in the shots, and were taken to hospital.

The 61-year-old husband of the dead woman has been arrested, and according to investigators, he was attempting to scare off people who had gathered at his house and were trying to attack him and his wife. Media reports claimed that another man involved in the fight also had a shotgun but it had not been fired.

Two others were arrested, aged 25 and 38.

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