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Volcanic Ash Clouds Ground Flights

Northern Europe flights to and from Cyprus volcanic ashhave been grounded as a massive ash cloud from an Iceland volcano created dangerous conditions in the skies.

Volcanic ash can damage plane engines so the UK took the unprecedented step of barring all flights to its airports. Experts said that the ash cloud could last another two days.

The volcano, which lies beneath the Eyjafjallajokull glacier, erupted yesterday and a cloud of ash flew 11 kilometres into the sky, spreading rapidly to other areas.

Other European nations have also shut their airspace, including France, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Switzerland.

Hundreds of thousands of travellers are affected - from Heathrow alone around 180,000 passengers plans have been disrupted. Cyprus Airways has cancelled all flights today to London, Brussels and Manchester, although flights to southern European cities like Milan and Athens are still operating.


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