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Cyprus Gets 8 million euro In EU Funds to Fight Scrapie

Cyprus will receive eight million euros to fight the incurable sheep and goat disease scrapie, which is related to mad cow disease, said the European Commission today.

Scrapie is infectious and transmissible among similar animals, but does not appear to be transmissible to humans.

"The motto of our animal health strategy is 'prevention is better than cure'. If the spread of certain animal diseases is not prevented, it can affect both animal and public health. That is why we are prioritising programmes covering diseases that might be transmitted to humans," said EU Health Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou.

The name scrapie is derived from one of the symptoms of the condition, wherein affected animals will compulsively scrape off their fleece against rocks, trees or fences.

Yesterday, the European Commission adopted a financial package of €275 million to support programmes to eradicate, control and monitor animal diseases in 2010.

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