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The Runaway CYTA Board - Opinion

CYTAThe runaway board of directors of the Cyprus Telecommunications Authority is another amazing story of abuse of power and a high disregard for business ethics and reputation.

But it seems that our government and semi-government organisations are above such petty considerations. It must be nice. is not nice to be a CYTA customer, no it is not.

I once disconnected my ADSL line because I was moving house, and they charged me a full installation fee when I asked for the line to be reinstated in my new home. Since it was still within the period of time that I was paying the old installation fee of 100 euros, I actually ended up paying 200 euros in installation fees - for the same line! When I complained, I was sent to the complaints department, which filled out a form, and called me a month later to tell me there was nothing they could do about it. Well, I fussed and fumed, but since they are a virtual monopoly in the ADSL line supply business, what more could I do short of suing them?

So it is not surprising that members of the board of directors are accused of various things like rigging business deals, stealing money and abusing their positions. Quite frankly, considering the fees charged by CYTA, it looks to this consumer like the whole organisation is in on the same shady behaviour.

So why the sudden decision to resign en masse? Will there be some leniency shown to the culpable if they are out of the way? Is that the deal? To ask yet another tough question, will the new board of directors take the organisation's declining credibility and reputation with its customers seriously? Or will we be stuck with another bunch of carpetbaggers?

Honestly, is it too much to ask that CYTA just get on with the business of delivering telecommunications services and at least try to stay within the rules of reasonable business practices?


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