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Murder Suspect Arrested in Greece - Extradition

michalis kakathimisA 33-year-old bank robber who held four hostages at gunpoint in an Ethniki Bank in Piraeus yesterday has been identified as a murder suspect in the killing of a 67-year-old Limassol man, said police.

The man was arrested after he and two accomplices armed with guns and grenades held hostages for two hours and then surrendered to police.

"It will take some time for the extradition procedure, he has just been arrested and is wanted for questioning in the murder of Michalis Kakathimis," said a police spokesman speaking to

Strip club owner Kakathimis was shot to death last July 17th as he was walking past a coffeeshop in Limassol. A passer-by was also shot in the leg and recovered after medical treatment. On July 3rd, another suspect aged 44 was arrested for questioning in the case.

The 44-year-old was also taken into custody by Greek police and handed over the Cypriot authorities, said a police spokesman. Two more suspects were arrested in the same case last year, which has been linked with Sotiris Athinis, a convicted criminal who is currently in prison. He is suspected of using his criminal connections in Greek and Cyprus to put a hit out on Kakathimis.

The case took on an even more ominous twist after police revealed that Attorney General Petros Clerides was also on a gangland hit list connected to the Kakathimis' killing. Clerides staunchly refused to be intimidated, saying he was 'not going anywhere.'



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