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Still the King - Vassilis Papaconstantinou

vassilis papaconstantinouEntechno (quality) and rock singer Vassilis Papaconstantinou proved once again that he is still the king of live Greek music with his series of intimate performances at Nicosia live music venue 'Avlaia'.

This month, Papaconstantinou got close and personal with the audience in a far cry from his usual mega-concerts in large stadiums. And his voice shone through with its mix of soul, passion and good old-fashioned tenor power. Papaconstantinou's emotional expressiveness is well-supported by his voice which can go effortlessly from husky deep tones to clear top tenor notes. The singer is also a master of dynamics; whether he is whispering poetry, sing-speaking lyrics, ringing out his most passionate plea or infusing each note with a soft yearning tone.

He was joined on stage by the dynamic singer-musician Tania Kikidi, who belted out rock classics in a voice straight from a 70's rock band, as well as playing the percussion and the keyboards. Her rendition of Deep Purple's Child in Time had to be heard to be believed.

Both singers had enough energy and appetite to sing for well over four hours, and the evening wrapped up after two am to the rousing applause of an enthusiastic audience.


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