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Haji Mike and Dub Caravan - Rights and Reggae

If there's one artist who will always stand up for human rights, it's Haji Mike, and his latest work with Dub Caravan showcases his poetic lyrics that are like prayers for the downtrodden weaved in with DC's wicked grooves.

In the album Virtual Oasis Haji Mike roams the world's problems, and offers a compassionate voice to people suffering injustice. Tracks like Too Much Wrong and Human Being perfectly express Haji Mike's social conscience. They deal with issues like greed, poverty, violence and superficiality and all the while, Dub Caravan's irresistible rhythms effortlessly float you along from song to song.

It's a must-hear for reggae fans - to hear the album, go to

Haji Mike fans living in London can check out his next concert with Dub Caravan at Theatro Technis on Sunday 31st October.

Bi-Communal Concert for ONE Cyprus

Fans abroad can also tune into this peace concert which will be available live over the internet from from 7.30pm London time on Sunday 31st October.

This will be the first ever live internet webcast from Theatro Technis by the Campaign for ONE Cyprus, featuring classical and Cypriot music, reggae and poetry from a range of artists including Andrew Hubbard, Neşe Yaşın, Haji Mike & Dub Caravan, and many others.

(Until the concert itself the video player for this event will feature different video clips of relevance to ONE Cyprus.)



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