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Turkish 'Drug Lord' Captured in North

hakan ayikTurkish-Cypriot police have captured an alleged drug lord who is of Turkish origin and is wanted in Australia for running a drug cartel, according to information from the Associated Press.

Hakan Ayik was caught in Kyrenia and police have also confiscated drug paraphernalia after he reportedly crossed to the north from the government-controlled areas.

One of Australia's most-wanted men, Ayik fled the country in August after his Chinese business partner Man Kong Ho was arrested in Hong Kong.

Ho and Ayik are alleged to be linked to multiple drug importations into Sydney and Melbourne. It is unclear whether Australian authorities will be able to get access to Ayik since the Turkish-Cypriot authorities and Turkey do not have extradition agreements with the country.

Ayik has been in Cyprus since November, when he was reported to have escaped Turkish-Cypriot police custody.


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