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New Golf Club Opens in Paphos

elea golf clubThe Elea Golf Club designed by Sir Nick Faldo has opened near Paphos with an 18-hole course that is described as memorable for its beauty and superb strategic interest by

The course is 6,900 yards and is dotted with olive and carob trees , wild grasses, and other native Mediterranean flora. It has has been designated an environmental protected area, so the butterflies, birds and lizards that make their home here can be safe.

Designer Sir Nick Faldo said that the golf course will contribute to the establishment of Cyprus as a premier golf destination in Europe. He said that the successful golfer will master this course not with strength, but with thoughtfulness.

"When we designed Elea Golf Club we decided to put the emphasis on thoughtful, rather than big-hitting, golf.” He says, “and there are plenty of strategic riddles for the golfer to explore and unravel over all 18 holes."

Memberships for the new golf course are only being offered in limited numbers. Members of Elea Golf Club will receive VIP privileges to the bar, locker rooms and private terrace. They will also have priority over preferential tee times and unlimited access to the golf academy, said a statement from Elea.


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