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Delek's Letter to Christofias - Press

delek letter to cyprusAlithia newspaper printed a letter sent by Delek Energy Group's CEO Asaf Bartfeld to President Demetris Christofias, and here it is translated from the Greek version:


As you know, our company recently discovered two gigantic natural gas reserves in the Mediterranean Sea. One of those is the Leviathan, which was discovered in December 2010* with estimated reserves of more than 450 billion cubic metres of natural gas.

Leviathan is not very far from the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus.

We would respectfully like to request your permission in cooperation with the Cyprus government to build a multi-use natural gas terminal to process Cyprus' natural gas in an area that the government assigns for such a facility.

In this terminal, we suggest that natural gas is transported and used for Cyprus' needs. The gas will come from two sources, the fields we have just discovered in Israel and the reserves that will be discovered in Cyprus in the next few years.

The natural gas reserves are enough to cover your country's needs for decades.  We also suggest to build a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) terminal (for liquid gas and other liquid fuels). Through this facility we can export natural gas from the Cyprus-Israel Exclusive Economic Zone through Cyprus to customers worldwide.

We are sure that this facility will give Cyprus the ability to have clean, cheap energy and to become independent of imports of natural gas. This facility has the power to be a "game changer" for Cyprus' economy and a significant leader for the development of your economy.

We suggest to schedule meetings as soon as possible between my team and the relevant authorities, so that we can discuss the technical parameters of this proposal; as well as the economic and practical sides and a timeline.

Before these discussions, it would be my honour to meet with you and personally present this vision, in which I believe completely.

With respect,
Asaf Bartfeld, CEO
Delek Group

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*Correct date of discovery is June 2010, mistake could be in the translation or from the original text. Ed.


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