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Officer Stabbed By Motorcyclist At Football Game

A 33-year-old off-duty police officer was stabbed three times in his car by an unknown motorcyclist while he was on his way to watch the APOEL-OMONIA game on Saturday, said police.

Investigators said they are still searching for the unknown attacker, who broke the police officer's window before stabbing him in the left arm and leaving him bleeding on the roadside.

The victim was in a traffic jam on the Latsia highway bridge leading to GSP Sports Stadium. According to police spokesman Michalis Katsounodos, the attacker was an APOEL fan who escaped and is not yet identified because he was wearing a balaclava which covered his face.

Violent incidents at sports stadia have risen dramatically over the last year, and yesterday's match was no exception. Three people were arrested for carrying firecrackers and rocks amid an increased security force of 350 officers, said police.


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