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Lord Kitchener's Restaurant - Outstanding

There is a persistent rumour that the mischievous ghost of Lord Horatio Herbert Kitchener makes the odd appearance in the restaurant named after him in Psematismenos village.

If it is true, Lord Kitchener now has an added incentive to hang around; to enjoy the wonderful aromas of new owner Chef Dean Simmon's excellent cooking.

Sadly for him, ghosts cannot eat!

But I can, and last night I probably made up for old Kitchener's lack of appetite and substance. A smooth, peppery butter squash soup with pesto started the meal, accompanied by an excellent red house wine. It was followed by amazingly tender kalamari (squid) served in a very light, flavourful batter and slim arugula leaves for a salad crunch.

And goodness me, the grilled chicken breast served with aubergines and crispy french fries were simply delicious.

The restaurant has been given a lighter look with cream coloured furniture and snow-white linens. And the lovely ambiance of traditional Cypriot architecture with elegant arches and stone walls completes the experience.

Accompanied by classic jazz and other good music, Lord Kitchener's Restaurant has made a great comeback...just like its namesake keeps doing.
Tel: +357-24-333484


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