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No Arrests Yet in Brutal Monagroulli Murder

murder in monagroulliThere have been no arrests so far in the brutal murder of a 37-year-old Sri Lankan woman who was working at a farm in Monagroulli, said a police spokeswoman speaking to

Sumudu Kumari De Silva Rajapakshl was found today on the Monagroulli farm from which she disappeared on March 3rd. Her hand was spotted sticking out from beneath a cesspool by another employee at around 2pm, said police.

The owner of the pig farm where the woman worked called the police, who discovered that the woman had been bound hand and foot, tied to a cement block and had been murdered - apparently beaten to death.

The 77-year-old owner of the Monagroulli farm had reported the woman missing on March 4th. According to police, the pig farmer said she had been missing since 4.30pm on March 3rd. Investigators are looking into the possibility that the victim was killed in another village nearby.

Coroner Eleni Antoniou is in charge of her autopsy.


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