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Turkey Announces UNSC Candidacy - Opinion

turkey unscTurkey has announced its candidacy for membership to the UN Security Council for the years 2015-2016 based on its "constructive, proactive and reconciliation-oriented posture in the UN".

This attitude does not extend to Cyprus, however, where Turkey has stationed 40,000 troops since 1974 in an occupation which continues to divide, intimidate and interfere with the local communities here.

And for its policy of zero problems with its neighbors, what about its refusal to recognise the Exclusive Economic Zones agreed upon between Israel and Cyprus' governments? Israel has already said that any country which tries to stop it from exploring and exploiting undersea oil and gas reserves will face war. That's...a problem.

At the very least, the UN should hold Turkey accountable for ignoring the many resolutions demanding that it removes its troops from Cyprus. If the country wants to become a non-permanent member of the UNSC, it should first make a genuine gesture and take out some or all of its troops.

The basic condition for holding a position on the UNSC should at the very least be that the candidate should respect UN resolutions. 



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