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The Prices of Bread and Milk in Cyprus - Snapshot

milk bread prices cyprusThe prices of basic foods like bread and milk have come under the microscope after yesterday's news that inflation rose to 3.9 percent in May, and a snapshot of bakery prices show that it's worth shopping around.

Nicosia prices for milk, bread

According to the government's latest figures as of May 31st, a large loaf of white bread costs between 1.95 and 2.10 euros in Nicosia, depending on where you buy it from. The most expensive bakery is the Pandora Bakery on Digenis Akritas 22 (2.10 euros for bread), and the least expensive is the Marangos Bakery on Grigoris Afxentiou Str, Agios Dometios.

There is also a variation in the price of milk at bakeries, which ranges from 1.35 euros to 1.45 euros, depending on the location. A litre of Charalambides milk costs 1.35 at Zorbas Bakery on Akritas 24 Street, but 1.45 euros at the Chrysovalant Bakery on Lykavitos 2 Avenue in Makedonitissa. Other brands like Lanitis or Christis are in the same range.

Limassol prices for milk, bread

In Limassol, prices for bread range from 1.80 euros for a large white loaf, to 2.30 euros. The lowest price is at the Berengaria Bakery in Kato Polemidia, and the highest price is at the Chrysanto Bakery on Omonias 47 Avenue.

Milk prices range between 1.34 to 1.50, depending on the brand and location. The lowest price for milk is at the Blue Oven Bakery on Kritis Street 33 (for a litre of Charalambides milk), and the highest price is at the Berengaria Bakery for a litre of Lanitis milk.

Larnaca prices for milk, bread

In Larnaca, the lowest price for a large loaf of white bread is 1.94 euros at the Pirillos Bakery on Ag. Anargyron 48, and the highest price is 2.15 euros at the Perseas Bakery on Chrysopolitis Str 77. Milk costs 1.35 euros at Zorbas Bakery on Makarios Avenue 25, and 1.37 euros for one litre at Master Chef Bakery on Papanikoli Street 32.

In Paphos, you can expect to pay the lowest price of 1.85 euros for a large white loaf at the Papantonio Bakery on Ellados Street 66, and the highest price of 2.40 euros at Epameinonda Bakery on Aristoteli Savva Street. Milk costs between 1.35 to 1.50 euros per litre, with the lowest price at Zorbas Bakery on Eleftheriou Venizelou Street 67, and the highest price is 1.50 euros at Coffee Berry Way Bakery on 25th March Street, 22.


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