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Cypriot News Headlines 10.6.11

cyprus newsCypriot newspaper headlines for June 10th, 2011...Alithia: "Round two" headlines an article about former deputy chairman of DIKO George Colocassides who held a press conference and called for the party's general assembly to vote on the executive committee's decision to strip him of his membership.

Simerini: "Battle of Turkish businessman for Greek islands" headlines an article saying that Turkish entrepreneurs have their eye on buying Greek islands amid the country's economic crisis.

Phileleftheros: The paper reports that the state saved itself another 70 million euros after civil servant trade unions agreed to a two-year freeze on wage raises. In other news, a new case of child abuse by a primary school teacher in Nicosia came to the surface after the Parent's Association asked the Ministry of Education to intervene.

Xaravgi (communist party paper): The Greek-Cypriots will not accept any deviation from the agreed-upon UN parameters in reunifcation talks. 

Turkish-Cypriot news headlines 10th June, 2011 (source PIO).

The majority of Turkish Cypriot dailies have front-page coverage of demonstrations against the decision by Eastern Mediterrean University to transfer its pre-university education institutions to Fethullah Gulen’s Doga College.

Students and some members of the Unions’ Platform demonstrated in front of the “Faculty of Management and Economics of DAU” holding placards reading “Doga, you are not welcome at DAU. If you come, you will regret it.”

Havadis reports that the United Cyprus Party (BKP) in a written statement yesterday evaluated the decision of the 'TRNC' to ban Turkish Cypriot students studying in the government-controlled area from the possibility to study in Turkey with their GCE, IGCSE and A-level exams.

BKP said the decision was racist, fascist and a separatist behaviour against the students studying in the free area of Cyprus.

In a written statement, the chairman of the Youth Branches of BKP Kemal Gulercan stated that they will carry the issue to the European Parliament through the European Left Party.

Kibris reports that a fire broke out in the fenced off town of Varosha yesterday afternoon. According to the paper, the fire broke out in an area of 100 donums, after dried grass of the area was set on fire for an unknown reason. From the fire, some houses in the closed area were burned up as well.

Yeni Duzen reports that no permission was given to some newspapers’ photo-reporters to take pictures of the incident. Having this in mind, the reporters made an effort to take some pictures from a tall building outside the fenced off town of Varosha. However, the police arrested them on the excuse that they were taking photos of a “military restricted area”. After an interrogation, the photo-reporters were set free.

Halkin Sesi reports that Lefke football club received a positive response by the Cyprus Football Association (CFA) in their request for a meeting with the CFA President. Accordingly, CFA chairman Costakis Koutsokoumnis, and Lekfe chairman Yiltac Mukellef, will meet on the morning of June 16 at the CFA’s building.


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