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June Rainfall 818% Higher in Some Regions

Rainfall levels for June were higher by 818 percent in Xylotymbou, up by 753 percent in the Nicosia district and overall 143 percent higher than normal for the month, said the Meteorological Service (MS) in statistics ending June 14th.

All the rainfall was concentrated on June 13th, when drivers had to be rescued from their cars by the fire service amid flash floods. According to meteorologists, there is more rain expected today.

Rain in Cyprus in June?

It is highly unusual for Cyprus to experience heavy rainfall in June which is normally hot and dry, and according to climate change experts this is a common symptom of global warming.Other warm-climate countries like Portugal experience the same short, intense rainfall phenomena even in summer, and more highly concentrated rains in winter, leading to floods. As global temperatures rise, glaciers and the ice-cap melt quicker and release more water into the atmosphere and oceans, which leads to increased sea levels, storms and consequent flooding, say climate change experts.

Man-made climate change is caused by greenhouse gases from car emissions, landfills or industry which are trapped in the atmosphere, raising the mean temperature and creating changes in average weather patterns.


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