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Locally Extinct Bellflower Re-discovered in Troodos

campanula podocarpaThe forestry department said that German botanist Dr. Ralf Hand has re-discovered 200 Campanula podocarpa plants, a type of bellflower thought to be extinct in Cyprus.

Botanists are excited by the discovery because it was only found once on the island - in 1912 in Troodos. A research book called 'The Red Book of Cyprus' classifies this plant as locally extinct.

These types of bellflowers are otherwise only found in southern Turkey, so the forestry department will be taking all necessary measures to ensure they surive and increase on the island.

Earlier this week, there was more good news welcomed by environmentalist after European Environment Commissioner Janez Potocnik said that the latest surey shows that the environment is an important personal concern to more than 90% of respondents in every single Member State.

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