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FM Response to Lidington Appropriate, Proportional

The foreign ministry's response to UK deputy foreign minister David Lidington's comments comparing Greek-Cypriot property rights in the north with delays in issuing property titles in the government-controlled areas were appropriate and proportional, in this reporter's opinion.

The statement avoids hyperbole and rhetoric, and simply says that the comparison was unfortunate and that the government is working on rectifying delays in property title deeds. Having read many statements issued by our government in the past, and having criticised them in writing for being over the top and alienating, it is time to give credit where credit is due.

One could sincerely hope that this tone can be adopted in all the government's communications. The government can defend its legal position on property rights much more effectively by keeping a reasonable approach and explaining its position clearly.

Much too often, the government and political parties issue hastily written statements that do not translate well to other cultures, using harsh and judgemental language that doesn't reflect very well on its image. Truth is, even if its positions on the human right to property and family are right and just, the government must also take into consideration its own public image and deliver its positions in a manner that is more diplomatic. The truth hurts, they say, so adding a diplomatic note could take away the sting so that people can really understand the message.

This way, the government gets to keep more friends and allies, and maybe...just maybe...persuade its enemies to see things more reasonably.  


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