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Thought for Today 5.7.2011

by Wilhemina de Boer...The importance you give to yourself is the key to success or failure. When you can't see your importance in this world you don't inspire the thoughts and beliefs you have with power, instead you empower them with your doubts and fear. Remember that you always get what you expect.

Observe your thoughts and discover what you expect for today. Are you excited to live this day? Do you challenge your mind to inspire success, happiness and joy? Your mind is the tool, so put it in the direction of what you can have, creating a day full of abundance.

The difference in this world is YOU, taking control or not.

Life challenges us to get the best, showing you every day its abundance.

Love and Light,



Will Greece's Cycle of Debt and Crisis Be Broken By the New Eurozone Deal?
Yes, now the country can grow and get out of crisis
No, Greece's economy is not efficient
Maybe, if the reforms are implemented
Total votes: 87