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Thought for Today 8.7.11

by Wilhemina de Boer...To get more out of your life, jump into it all the way, get off the sideline and get in the game. Don't complain, but be helpful and make your actions and deeds powerful.

Immerse yourself fully, participate and make a difference. Get everything you can from each moment by putting everything in you have. When you find yourself and your life important enough to invest your time in, your commitment and attention will make it spectacular.

Your intentions create the reality you experience, be aware of your intentions.  Do not resist or seek, just deal with what is.

Love and Light,


Are you optimistic about the new round of reunification talks in Cyprus?
Yes, there's a good opportunity to settle the problem now, the leaders are serious.
No, it's just another waste of everyone's time, the leaders are not serious.
Maybe, let's wait and see.
Total votes: 102