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Water Cuts After Naval Base Blast in Zygi

water cuts after naval base blastLarnaca is the first city to proceed with water cuts after an explosion at the naval base near Zygi damaged the electricity supply.

Water cuts will start at 8am and continue for 12 hours every two days, including weekends, said Larnaca Water Council.

If consumers do not cooperate and save water, the council may have to take tougher measures, said a spokesman.

For further information, contact 24 822400.  

Meanwhile, Environment Commissioner Charalambos Theopemptou has appealed for consumers to turn off their lights and use natural light as much as possible. Airconditioners should be used only if absolutely necessary and should be set at 23 or 24 degrees Celsius for minimum energy wastage.

"In the evenings, open windows and doors to reduce the temperature of the building...wash clothes and dishes late at night and do not leave any device on standby because energy consumption is very high," said Theopemptou.

For further information, contact 22667716.


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