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Open Letter To President Christofias

Since the explosion at Mari naval base on July 11th, we have not heard one single word from your heart.

You have loaded your speeches with propaganda and covered your back with the mantle of the state. Your speech to AKEL at last night's anti-invasion protest was reminiscent of the long-gone Soviet-era style - endless and self-aggrandising.

Your little smile when loyal communist party members applauded you spoke volumes. You are pleased with yourself, said your little smile. You are satisfied to see and hear the one group of people left to support you. Because that is all it is - one group. Everyone else is united against you. You, the person ultimately responsible for the government's actions in bringing the deadly munitions home.

You, the one person who should be begging for forgiveness for the government's neglectful actions, disappeared for three days after the blast, and then came out to blame...everybody else. You are trying to cover the political wing's flanks, but it is too late. The damage is done. The high-ups in the military have to pay as much as the high-ups in the political services. Kyprianou and Papacostas have resigned, but you say you will not step down because you do not want the state to fall into anarchy? The explosion at Mari was anarchy caused by the state!

The state - which is apparently all about you.

But we can live without you, Mr. President. Just ask the tens of thousands of people protesting every night. Just ask the families of the men who died in the explosion. If you are the state, then the state is in anarchy. Resign now, and you could save the state. Carry on pretending you had nothing to do with the circumstances leading up to the terrible accident, and you risk the state's credibility and future even more.

You decide: a state with a future, or a country united against you.

Who will vote yes for any reunification plan you propose to the public? Who will trust another word out of your mouth?

Who, amongst world leaders, will feel that they can trust you to take care of business? AKEL's mouthpiece Haravgi newspaper is running headlines saying that you had no idea that the explosives were unstable. It's an inconvenient truth, Mr. President, but you are paid to have an idea of what the army is doing. You are paid to take a passing interest in the government's actions. The scale of this negligence is so large that it has reached even your heavenly heights.

Come down to earth, Mr. President, go home and retire. It's time for someone else to take your place. Someone whose obsession with the Cyprus problem does not supersede his concern for other issues of equal importance, like public health and safety.

The explosion and deaths of 13 men happened on your watch. Do the right thing and step down. This job is too big for you and it is time to face the facts.


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