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New Alarm Over Arms Cache At Palodia Army Camp

fire service refuses to go to palodiaThere are new alarm bells ringing over an arms cache at Palodia army camp in Limassol after the fire service refused to answer a call to check damage to the cache because they did not know what was in it.

According to reports on Kanali 6 and Sigma TV, there was concern that the arms cache - said to contain 100 anti-aircraft shells in crates - had overheated. In the wake of the deadly explosion at Evangelos Florakis naval base in which six firemen died, the fire services are clearly not prepared to risk their lives over sloppy arms storage by the army.

The arms cache has been there for 10 years and it is not the first time the alarm has been raised over it - still the army has not taken steps to store it safely or safely dispose of the shells.

According to the Ministry of Defence, it will now proceed in destroying the shells, which were brought over from Greece in 1992.


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