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Thought for Today 29.7.2011

spiritual guidanceby Wilhemina de Boer...Your circumstances in this moment now are showing your ability to create, your belief in yourself and the way you act in this world.

When you experience many difficult situations be sure that you are capable of finding solutions as you have proved capable of creating those difficulties. When you resist your life, you resist your power. It is you who feeds your mind with hopes or fear, with lack and need or peace and happiness. The more you believe in the control you have, the more your trust will be shown in the way you live.

Your world can only change when you dare to change your mind about it.  Nothing has any power over you as long as you don’t give it that power there.  Every thought you have is your own creation, be aware what you create.

Love and Light,


How Can the Government Improve the Economy?
By focusing on job creation
By reducing interest rates in government-owned banks
By changing the hours banks are open to normal working hours
By changing the hours govt. offices are open to normal working hours
By talking more positively about the economy
By reducing corruption and bribery in the state sector
All of the above
None of the above
Total votes: 77