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Naval Base Blast - 2.79 Million in Compensation

compensation victims' families july explosionThe government will pay 2.79 million euros in compensation to the families of the 13 men who were killed in the explosion at Mari naval base on July 11th, said government spokesman Stefanos Stefanou.

Each of the families will receive 95,000 euros for each member they lost, and the mens' children will receive scholarships to study in Cyprus or abroad, he said.

The Council of Ministers has also decided to dismiss Deputy Chief of the National Guard Savvas Argyrou for reasons of 'public interest' connected with the criminal investigation into the explosion.

To date, the government's attempts to make amends have fallen on stony ground. Public protests have not abated over the tragedy and there are daily calls for the president to step down. With little in the way of confidence in the new government or the investigation, the explosion's shockwave continues to reverberate through the island.


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