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Cypriot News Headlines 11.8.11

cyprus newsCypriot newspaper headlines for August 11th, 2011 - Alithia: "Parliament's turn" headlines an article saying that all parties except AKEL are opposed to austerity measures proposed by the government. In other news, DISY and the Green Party have endorsed calls by thousands of 'indignants' for early elections.

Simerini: "Explosive - package inflames economy" headlines an article saying that measures agreed by the President Christofias and public sector trade unions have caused chain reactions. In other news, the paper reports that the deputy head of the national guard Savvas Argyrou was sacked yesterday in connection with the Mari base explosion.

Phileleftheros: The paper reports on the downgrade by Fitch ratings and on the government's position that the investment agency was not justified. In other news, there are safety risks from the use of generators because many of them are not properly installed.

Xaravgi (communist party paper): "Historic cuts in pensions" headlines an article saying that the government's new package of measures intends to reduce the deficit by 2013 to 0.5%.  The paper also reports that the families of the 13 men killed in the naval base explosion on July 11th will receive compensation of 2.79 million euros.

Turkish-Cypriot news headlines August 11th, 2011 (source PIO).

Bayrak television reports that 'prime minister' Irsen Kucuk said that nationalist party UBP expects a 4% economic growth after a series of austerity measures.

Ankara Anatolia news agency reports that'foreign minister' Huseyin Ozgurgun harshly criticized Foreign Minister Dr Erato Kozakou-Markoullis over her remarks about Turkey's reaction on Cyprus' gas and oil exploration.

“Insulting Turkey and the Turkish Cypriots simply for protecting their legitimate rights and interests, to say the least of it, is going way over the line,” he said.

Dr Markoullis had described Turkey's reaction to Greek Cypriot plans as “bullying and arrogant.” “If there is anyone in our region acting like a bully, it is the Greek Cypriot administration which was unlawfully and unilaterally accepted in the European Union. And the real arrogance is the Greek Cypriot attempt to take advantage of its position to make other EU members comply with its law defying attitude,” said Ozgurgun.

Kibris reports that Izzet Izcan, general secretary of the United Cyprus Party (BKP), said that the Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) policy of creating tension harms the efforts for finding a solution in Cyprus. In a written statement issued yesterday, Izcan pointed out that Turkey has absolutely no rights over the natural resources of Cyprus.

Hurriyet Daily News reported that a recent survey revealed that 87% of journalists say there is censorship in the Turkish media.

When it comes to those that intervene in the news-making process, 95% of the journalists surveyed said the government intervenes and 89% said the media owners do. The report also highlighted the change in the shift of power players that intervene in the news-making process. The report said in the past the military had a strong influence on controlling news stories; however, now the power seems to have shifted towards the police.

According to the report, while more than 50% said they softened their tone because they are afraid of Government and media boss pressure, 64.5% said they were afraid that they might be taken to court for the content of their articles.


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