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Thought for Today 1.9.2011

wilhemina de boerby Wilhemina de Boer - No one is your enemy if you don't decide to make them your enemy. No one has power over you if you don't allow the other to overpower you. No one can make you unhappy, sad or angry, no one can make you feel loved, happy or better as long as you don't give yourself permission to feel like that.

The way you feel and experience others, results in your opinion, to be frustrated, to be content, to be attacked or to be empowered. All you go through, feel and think about, is under your control to judge or to learn from it. You have free will to decide to become the victim or the student of this world.

To be happy and content is your decision and not something that others can give you. So don't blame anyone for the feelings you go through, or the circumstances you are in, as we are all responsible for our own happiness.

When you trust you find peace, when you worry you will worry more.

Expressing love is the respect to let the other be what he/she is without the need to change things.

See your problems as your possibilities for new beginnings and different solutions and you change
them easily into brilliant opportunities.

Love and Light,


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