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Police Attempt to Arrest Son of Fallen Naval Commander

During the president's testimony at the Mari base explosion inquiry, members of his security detail attempted to arrest Nikolas Ioannides, the son of Commodore Andreas Ioannides who was killed in the explosion at Mari naval base on July 11th.

According to reports from many television channels present at the hearing, Ioannides said something to the president that he did not like, and his security guards moved in on him. According to Sigma TV reporter Alexis Papageorgiou, the president himself gave the order for his arrest.

Investigator Polys Polyviou intervened, saying that it was not the place for such things and told the police to back away.

Ioannides said "nothing happened, they came at me unprovoked."

Since his father's funeral, Ioannides has been a leading figure in the 'Indignant' movement protests against the government and president, appearing almost daily at demonstrations calling for Christofias to resign and take responsibility for the blast.

Other relatives of the 13 men killed in the explosion shouted at the president, calling him a murderer and telling him to be ashamed of himself.

In his testimony, the president rejected any blame or responsibility for the explosion which killed 13 men.

In further developments, the government released a denial that the president's men tried to arrest Ioannides. 


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