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Thought for Today 6.9.2011

thought for the dayby Wilhemina de Boer - In every crisis in your life lies the opportunity to learn about your own ability to handle what you experience at that time. It touches your qualities to discover your strength and flexibility.

A crisis gives you the choice of growth in which you may discover that changing your way of thinking is enough to change the situation. Having faith in yourself, knowing that you have all the tools and power to create solutions and new ways of dealing with your life, shows that you know who you are.

In every crisis you even show your inner needs for change and growth. Life is not about faith as it is only experience, faith is about you, the way you trust yourself going through the experience of life.

Remind yourself to accept love in your life, not fear.  You have the power to change the world by changing your mind.

Love and Light,


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Yes, now the country can grow and get out of crisis
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Maybe, if the reforms are implemented
Total votes: 80