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Paphos September Rainfall 1188% Higher Than Average

Rainfall for the month of September has shot up 1,188 percent higher than the average from 1.7 mm to 20.2 mm in Paphos after recent heavy rainfall, said the Meteorological Service.

A similar phenomenon was seen in Peristerona, when there was an increase of 1,253 percent from the average of 1.9mm to 23.8mm.

The cities of Limassol and Nicosia had rainfall rises of 318 percent and 40 percent respectively.

Overall, average rainfall for the island rose 356 percent to 16mm in September, from its usual 4.5mm.

Meteorologist Michalis Mouskos said that the rainfall was very welcome because most of it fell in mountainous regions where the water reservoirs are, and there were no negative side-effects like strong winds or hail that could have destroyed crops.

Rain is expected tomorrow afternoon and over the weekend, with thunder showers expected to tail off by Monday afternoon, he said.


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