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'Indignants' Hold 13-Hour Protest At Presidential Palace

indignants protestsThe 'Indignants' movement is set to hold a 13-hour protest outside the Presidential Palace in Nicosia starting at 5pm today (October 10th), marking the 13th week since the deadly explosion at Evangelos Florakis base on July 11th.

The 13-hour demonstration symbolises the 13 men who died fighting the fire that broke out in 98 containers of explosives confiscated from Iran in 2009.

Unbeknowst to the firefighters and navy commanders who were trying to put out the fire caused by unstable gunpowder, there was nitroglycerine in the containers. The high explosives detonated, resulting in the mens' deaths and massive damage to nearby Vasiliko power station.

The all-night vigil will be followed later this week by a protest held outside the House of Representatives at 4:30pm on Thursday 13th.

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