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Cypriot News Headlines 12-10-11

cyprus newsAlithia: "Place has filled up with...coups" headlines an article saying that accusations of political coups are flying around after DIKO president Marios Garoyian called for a transitional consensus government to be formed.

DIKO asked for AKEL to apologise over AKEL general-secretary Andros Kyprianou's accusations of a political coup. In other news, Cyprus Forest Industries have decided to layoff 30 employees amid the economic crisis.

Simerini: The paper reports on excess amounts of overtime requested by state doctors when there is no actual need, according to the auditor-general's findings.

Phileleftheros: "The suitcase travels far" headlines an article saying that opposition parties will keep up the pressure on President Christofias to resign over his refusal to take responsibility for the deadly explosion at Mari naval base. In other news, Noble Energy had contacts with the Archbishop in connection with the Church's interest in investing in natural gas exploitation.

Haravgi (communist party paper): "Encouraging early indications" headlines an article saying that there are early indications of a big natuaral gas find in Block 12 of Cyprus' Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). In other news, the president said that the Turkish side has reneged on the issue of governance.

Turkish-Cypriot news headlines (source PIO).

Vatan reports that Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu, said that he and President Christofias achieved convergences on some chapters at the give-and-take bargain, adding: “I can say that (11/10/11) it was a very fruitful day today. There were the papers that we exchanged last Friday. Today on the negotiation table, there were the proposals that we made. I can say that there was convergence in these proposals with some mutual steps taken. I want to say that we may close some [issues] on the Friday meeting.”

Referring to President Christofias’ statements on return of land, Eroglu argued that it is wrong to mention place’s names, when they still have not discussed maps and figures on the chapter of territory. He claimed that this influences negatively the negotiation process, adding that he conveyed that to the President Christofias.

Kibris newspaper reports that the former Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat said that the Turkish side should have established a platform for oil drilling instead of sending the Koca Piri Reis vessel for conducting seismic exploration.

Talat stated that if he were in Eroglu’s place he would have been against sending the Koca Piri Reis vessel for conducting seismic exploration saying that there was no reason for it. “If we want to stop the Greek Cypriots, we should do the same; this is to conduct drilling. According to me, we could find ship-platform to do this”, he stated and added that perhaps no firm will undertake the task of conducting the drilling, but “motherland” Turkey, the only country that recognizes the “TRNC”, will accept the task. “If the Turkish side was really determined to stop the Greek Cypriots it should have done this”, he stated.

On the issue of the sharing the natural gas between the Greek and the Turkish Cypriots, Talat stated that the Turkish Cypriots should have acted in two directions: Firstly they should have proposed to the Greek Cypriot side to hold talks on the issue and find a solution, like the two sides did on the opening of the Limnitis barricade. Secondly they should have made the international factor to get into action on the issue, in order for pressure to be exerted on the Greek Cypriots to launch a discussion on this. Talat said that the approach of threatening the Greek Cypriots is wrong and this will lead to the isolation of the Turkish side since Greek Cypriots are strong in the international arena. “If this had taken place in the past, this platform would have been bombed. You cannot do this now. Reciprocity should take place through peaceful means”, he stated.

Haberdar reports that a delegation from “Making North Cyprus Better Association (MNCB)” visited yesterday morning the Social Democracy Party (TDP). “MNCB” define themselves as “an Euro-Anglo-Cypriot movement started by a small group of people who presently have no property problems themselves but are shocked by the injustice served to house owners in TRNC and successive TRNC Governments lack of urgent effective action to do anything about it.”

The chairman of the association Rahmi Ozsan pointed out during the meeting that approximately 10,000 people have been victimized due to the lack of legislation in north Cyprus.

Ankara Anatolia news agency reported from Milan on statements by Volkan Bozkir, chairman of the Turkish Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee who said that he found it hard to understand French President Nicolas Sarkozy's recent remarks on Turkey.

Speaking to the AA in Milan where he arrived for an international conference, Volkan Bozkir said that he was disappointed by the remarks Sarkozy made during a recent visit to Armenia.

Sarkozy's remarks could hurt Turkish-French relations, Bozkir said.

Touching on Turkey-EU relations, Bozkir reiterated the Turkish position that it was out of question for Turkey to hold talks with the “Greek Cypriot administration”, as he described the Republic of Cyprus, during their EU term presidency in the second half of 2012.

“We will not hold talks with an entity that we do not recognize just because they have assumed EU term presidency for six months”, Bozkir said.

Ankara Anatolia news agency reported from Paris that the French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe will pay a visit to Turkey as a formal guest of Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

Juppe's visit is of special importance after the remarks made by French President Nicolas Sarkozy over the incidents of the 1915.

French FM Juppe will arrive in Turkey on October 26.

Preparations for G-20 Summit set to be held in Cannes on November 2 and 3 are expected to be taken up during Juppe's visit to Turkey.

Juppe and Davutoglu are expected to discuss developments regarding "Arab Spring" and Middle East peace process during their meeting.

Turkey's EU accession process and the Cyprus problem are the other topics to be discussed by the two foreign ministers.

Meanwhile, Turkish daily Today’s Zaman (12.10.11) reports that the Turkish Foreign Ministry announced that German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle is expected to visit Turkey on October 13.

A statement released by the Foreign Ministry on Tuesday said both foreign ministers will discuss bilateral relations and recent international and regional developments during their talks in Istanbul.

It pointed that the visit comes at a time when discussions between Turkey and Germany intensify regarding current developments, adding that Turkey believes Westerwelle’s visit will improve, already, strong relations between Turkey and Germany.

Halkin Sesi reports that the “London Turkish Radio” is about to close down due to financial difficulties. The owner of the station announced that the existence of pirate stations makes it more difficult to find advertisements and that during the latest period they were not able to pay the personnel of the station. He said that they will broadcast until the 18th of October and that the future remains vague.

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