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A new generation of fast-breaking news from Cyprus and the region, is factual, concise and balanced. It is an independent e-news website and not controlled by political parties or big business interests.

Since our launch in July 2009, we have published over 8000 articles and hundreds of thousands of readers have discovered's factual, fresh and balanced approach to news from the island and region. Members have their own accounts and are able to add content such as Blogs, stories of interest to them, Fora and Classifieds. Our target markets are the island’s 165,000 strong expatriate community, and bi-lingual Cypriots living or studying abroad. is environmentally friendly as it does not have an offline print version, leading also to lower running costs and benefits to advertisers.

sarah fenwick cyprus newsPrize-winning, accredited journalist and editor Sarah Fenwick (yes, the jazz singer) has extensive experience as a reporter working in the Cyprus media and for Thomson Financial News where she covered financial news in Switzerland. She has reported on music, business and politics in Cyprus and is also active as a businesswoman.

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She says:

"We think of as a news community and a channel to promote bloggers. The idea is to have professional journalists generating the core news, and citizen journalism / blogging from socially-aware activist groups like non-governmental organisations (NGOs) as well as contributions from other subscribers interested in having their say in the media." was founded in July 2009 by Sarah Fenwick and Pawel Mandalian.  Click here to become a member of your news community.

CyprusNewsReport Ltd is registered in the Republic of Cyprus.

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