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Five-Day Remand for Gynaecologist Accused Of Sexual Abuse

larnaca gynaecologistA 56-year-old gynaecologist has been remanded for five days by Larnaca District Court after a 26-year-old patient accused him of sexual abuse while she was undergoing an examination.

The complainant said that she was drugged and woke up to find the doctor lying on top of her. The doctor told her she was suffering hallucinations from the anaesthetic. In his statement, the gynaecologist said he was tempted to take off his clothes, kiss and photograph the girl.

Police have confiscated four computers, mobile phone memory cards and photographs of the gynaecologist's patients.

Earlier today, a second woman, 25, came forward with another complaint against the same gynaecologist, who now faces financial penalties and the withdrawal of his medical license.

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