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Thought for Today - 2.11.2011

thought for the dayby Wilhemina de Boer - Keep in mind that all your actions and reactions are making the difference in the world. When you feel attacked, you have given already importance to someone else's action, by reacting and feeling like that.

Certainly whatever happens has an influence but what you do about it usually has a greater influence. It is your response and not the event that brings you where you are. No matter what comes your way, you have a choice how to respond. Giving importance to things you think may hurt you, creates suffering and anger, understanding that they are caused by the idea that they can hurt you as soon as you give it that power, shows your importance of choice. Whatever happens in your life, it's you who will act or react!

Your emotions are not just food for others but they are food for the Self. Feeling is what connects you with your humanity.

Love and Light,

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