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Prominent Tax Dodgers Arrested in Greece

business men arrested in greece for tax evasionPolice have issued arrest warrants for 38 prominent businessmen in Greece, including the owner of Bodyline, on charges of tax evasion, according to a report by the state broadcaster.

The Greek government is owed billions in unpaid back taxes by entrepreneurs in the fields of publishing, health, cinema theatres and more. In an attempt to gather funds to pay its own expenses, the state has finally put its foot down and suing the companies that owe it money.

Meanwhile, the fate of an eight billion euro payment to Greece from the EU and IMF still hangs in the balance. Nea Democratia leader Antonis Samaras has refused to sign a document committing Greece to implement the 26th October agreement to more austerity measures and a 50 percent devaluation of its debt, currently at 365 billion euros.

This payment is the only one so far that will be used to pay for the domestic needs of the country including pension payments. Previous payments from the 110 billion euro bailout package were used to pay off interest rate and capital on the country's bonds.

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