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UK 'Outraged' By Attack On Tehran Embassy

attack on uk embassy tehranThe UK Foreign Office is "outraged" by an attack on its embassy in Tehran in Iran, said a spokesman.

"There has been a incursion by a significant number of demonstrators into our Embassy premises, including vandalism to our property...It is utterly unacceptable and we condemn it," said the spokesman.

Following the storming, the Foreign Office said it expects the Iranian Government to act urgently to bring the situation under control. Students have surrounded the embassy and have torn down the British flag, replacing it with the Iranian flag.

"Under international law, including the Vienna Convention, the Iranian Government have a clear duty to protect diplomats and Embassies in their country and expect them to act urgently to bring the situation under control and ensure the safety of our staff and security of our property," says a statement from the FCO.

On November 27th, Iran's Parliament voted to expel British Ambassador Dominick John Chilcott after the UK cut off banking ties with the country over concerns that its nuclear programme may have military dimensions.

Relations between the two countries have worsened since the UK imposed tough new financial restrictions against Iran and cut off all financial ties with Iranian banks.

This followed the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) latest report on Iran, which highlights fresh concerns about the possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear programme. It is the first time that the UK has used these powers to cut an entire country’s banking sector off from its financial sector.

Foreign Secretary William Hague said:

“The IAEA's report last week provided further credible and detailed evidence about the possible military dimensions of the Iranian nuclear programme. Today we have responded resolutely by introducing a set of new sanctions that prohibit all business with Iranian banks.

“We have consistently made clear that until Iran engages meaningfully, it will find itself under increasing pressure from the international community.  The swift and decisive action today coordinated with key international partners is a strong signal of determination to intensify this pressure.”

From 15:00 Monday 21 November 2011, all UK credit and financial institutions were required to cease business relationships and transactions with all Iranian banks, including the Central Bank of Iran, and their branches and subsidiaries.

Photo: BBC

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